Chances are if you watched a fireworks show live and in person this week, you probably had one flashing light blinking overhead for a bit longer than the fireworks themselves.

In fact, if you did’t see a drone hovering near your local fireworks, you probably just weren’t noticing.

Drone usage is a hot topic in the photography world.

The FAA recommends that drone owners shouldn’t operate them near fireworks, and amateur pilots aren’t allowed to fly over crowds or too high. And even though many are equipped with flashing lights, amateur pilots should avoid flying them at night.

Here's a compilation of some of the drone footage we found the day after the Fourth of July:

Footage of the 2014 fireworks display, recorded at Baltimore's Inner Harbor from the perspective of my Phantom Vision+ quadcopter. Details: I was sitting on the deck, GPS-locked ...
Fireworks above the Baltimore Inner Harbor from a DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone. July 4th 2017. Reposts are prohibited without my explicit permission. Follow on Instagram: http://insta ...

One Instagram user captured some amateur, neighborhood fireworks going off from a little closer vantage point.

Drone use isn't limited to the city, obviously. Baltimore County fireworks were catptured, too.

Drone footage of the BCC Fireworks.

We even found some parades being captured by drones.

Come across a good drone video of fireworks? Share one with us:

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