Aquarium puts out cheeky announcement of puffin birth

It's not a prince, but a puffin.

Amid the craze surrounding the royal birth this week in Britain of Prince William and Kate Middleton's son, the National Aquarium in Baltimore on Wednesday put out a cheeky announcement of another birth — a new puffin chick at the Inner Harbor landmark.


"While she may not be part of the royal family, the new female puffin chick has people gushing with excitement," the aquarium announced.

"Move Over Royal Baby," it said on its blog.


The chick was actually born on July 4, after a 30-day incubation period, and has steadily gained weight since and appears healthy, aquarium officials said.

The young chick's name hasn't been announced yet, just as the prince's wasn't at first. (His name, George Alexander Louis, was announced Wednesday.)

It will remain in its burrow at the aquarium for another 40 days or so before it makes a trip to the puffin exhibit, aquarium officials said.

She is the fourth chick born to puffin parents Victor and Vixen, who were the first puffins to successfully breed at the National Aquarium, in 2006.