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Talk to us: What would a Baltimore-Washington maglev train mean for you?

The magnetic levitation or “maglev” train in Japan can reach 311 mph while floating above its test track. Backers who want to build a similar line in the U.S. say it could transport travelers from Washington to Baltimore in 15 minutes, and from Washington to New York in an hour. But is it feasible?

Long considered a fantasy, the prospect of a maglev train that could turn a commute between Baltimore and Washington into a 15-minute trip is gaining momentum. Backers say it will benefit even those who don't ride it by reducing highway congestion and boosting productivity. Critics say it would disrupt neighborhoods and divert billions in public money.

What would maglev mean for you?

Editor’s note: We published a roundup of reader responses on Oct. 30. We are continuing to accept responses to inform future reporting about maglev.

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