After western Towson car theft, police remind people to lock vehicles

Police are urging Baltimore County residents to lock their vehicles after a car was stolen in western Towson Wednesday night and others were rummaged through.

Capt. Jan Brown of the Towson Precinct said about six unlocked cars were ransacked for valuables Wednesday night on the 6600 block of Charles Way and the unit block of Charles Lane.


One unlocked car had the keys to multiple other vehicles, Brown said. One of those vehicles, a blue 2017 Subaru Legacy, was stolen.

“It’s all too common” for people to leave cars unlocked with valuables inside, Brown said. While police are seeing fewer thefts in the winter now that cars largely do not need to be warmed up, he said unlocked cars are a pervasive problem.


“More times than not they’re not going to bust your window,” Brown said. Most of the time, he said people will walk from driveway to driveway checking car door handles – something that becomes more common in nice summer weather.

“Lock all vehicles, use lighting and surveillance, and do not leave any valuables or keys inside,” Brown said in a message to residents Friday.

Sunglasses and credit cards were also stolen from the western Towson vehicles, Brown said.

The stolen Subaru was spotted Thursday around 6:45 p.m. in White Marsh on Perring Parkway, Brown said, but officers were unable to stop the vehicle. Brown said officers engaged in a brief pursuit but had to stop for safety reasons because of heavy traffic.