Towson High School's Class of 1953 met this past weekend for their 60th reunion. What was life like in Towson, Md. and beyond 60 years ago? Here are a few items of interest.

• THS's boys track and field and boys cross country teams won the state championship


• Development of Hydrogen Bomb announced

• Dwight Eisenhower sworn in as President

• Watson and Crick announce discovery of DNA molecule's structure

• Ian Fleming publishes first James Bond novel, "Casino Royale"

• Mickey Mantle hits record-setting 565-foot home run

• Elizabeth II crowned Queen of England

• First issue of Playboy magazine published

• First color television sets go on sale

• Innovative computer UNIVAC 1103 developed

• Ernest Hemingway wins Pulitizer for "The Old Man and the Sea"

• First open heart surgery performed in Philadelphia

• Julius and Ethel Rosenberg executed in Sing Sing prison

• "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" by Jimmy Boyd is top-selling single