The Charles Village Pub was rocking as the final seconds ticked off the clock in the AFC championship game and the Baltimore Ravens had secured a spot in Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday night.
In a sea of purple-clad fans, faces beamed at several big-screen TVs showing their gridiron heroes, bottles were hoisted and high-fives exchanged — with one exception — as the Ravens fight song blared over the speaker system in the popular Towson watering hole's back room.
Sporting a No. 12 Tom Brady New England Patriots jersey, Boston-area native Travis Mills, 31, took some good-natured ribbing in stride handed out by Ravens fans, paid his bill and headed out the door with his wife, Tina, 33, by his side.
She was in a much better frame of mind, considering she is a rabid Ravens fan.
Outside the bar, the Gaywood couple did some bantering between them after Travis said that he always "roots for the Ravens when they're not playing the Patriots."
"But I never root for the Patriots," said Tina, a Roland Park Country School grad who met her husband at the College of Charleston.
"She doesn't, either," Travis confirmed before allowing that "it was a very tense week (leading up to the game)."
"There was a lot of smack talking," Tina said. "We took some shots at each other."
However, when the Patriots had the upper hand in the first half on Sunday in Foxborough, Mass., the talking stopped.
"I was so mad," Tina said.
"She wouldn't even make eye contact with me," he said. "That's the truth."
For the Super Bowl, which the couple has no plans to attend, chances are they will continue their ritual of watching from the Charles Village Pub.
"We were here last week for the Ravens-Denver game, so we came back to the same place," he said.