Police warn trespassers to stay off Radebaugh property in Towson

Baltimore County police are asking the parents of Towson High School students to remind their children that Radebaugh Florist and Greenhouses, on Aigburth Avenue, is private property not to be trespassed on, after a structure on the Radebaugh property was vandalized and burglarized.

Two officers responded to the Radebaugh property at noon Monday to find spray paint on the indoor walls of a workshop that is adjacent to the property's now-unused greenhouses, according to an incident report provided by police. The crime occurred between 5 p.m. Dec. 16 and 11 a.m. Dec. 19, according to the report.


The officers also found burnt grass, and that some siding of the workshop was melted. The incident report also states that a drill and power saw were stolen from the location.

On Dec. 19, the Baltimore County Council approved a contract between the county and the C.M. and J.L. Radebaugh Company, LLC, the owners of the Radebaugh property, to purchase 2.36 acres at the site, including the greenhouses, for $1.1 million. The county plans to turn the parcel into a park, though it is not yet public property, police said.


The Radebaugh property is located across from Towson High School, between Aigburth Road and Burke Avenue. The greenhouses on the parcel haven't been used since spring 2015.

Towson precinct commander Capt. Jay Landsman declined to provide additional details about the incident Thursday afternoon, saying the crime is still under investigation. The incident marks the first time in his more than two years commanding the Towson precinct that he has dealt with an incident on the Radebaugh property as severe as the burglary, he said.

A little more than three hours after police responded to the incident on the Radebuagh parcel, police arrested four juveniles for trespassing on the property. Those individuals have not been connected to the burglary, Landsman said. Police are not identifying them because they are juveniles.

Police want to remind students not to trespass on the property, Landsman said. Sgt. Stephen Fink from the precinct sent an email to community leaders Thursday morning containing that message.

"You certainly don't want to be trespassing on a property that was just the victim of a burglary," Landsman said.