Three rockers are on a roll with new podcast [Towson]

Last New Year's Eve, a man sent a text message to two buddies. They all had separate plans for the evening, but this flash of inspiration couldn't wait. It suggested that the three musician friends start a podcast. They often get together for "guys' nights" out, and their conversation inevitably comes around to their shared love of classic rock music. They had thought about working on some sort of collaborative project. This time, the idea stuck.

They weren't all that familiar with podcasts, so they did some research. On March 1, 2015, the "Keep Calm and Rock On" music podcast was launched. The friends/co-hosts/producers of the podcast are Towson resident Michael Koehler, his fellow Towson High School alumnus Jamie Green and Angelo Christino, of Hazelton, Pa. Recording began in a basement. An address was established ( They grabbed an air spot on Sunday evenings at 8.


The Keep Calm and Rock On Experience started with a handful of followers. Koehler, Green and Christino are pleasantly surprised with its growth. The podcast now has more than 1,000 downloads per episode and is expanding its fan base, with followers in 90 countries and counting. They ranked 167th on iTunes downloads in November.

"We're really trying to make each episode better than the last. Trying to put out interviews that others aren't doing," Koehler said.


Their first interview was with rock legend Nils Lofgren (guitarist with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band; worked with Neil Young; 40 years as a solo artist). Other interviews have been with Al Kooper (organist famous for playing on Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone;" started the band "Blood, Sweat and Tears;" discovered and produced Lynyrd Skynyrd); Dick Dale (King of the Surf Guitar; still touring the country at age 78); G.E. Smith (touring guitarist with Bob Dylan; member of Hall & Oates; leader of the Saturday Night Live Band from 1985-95); Bob Margolin (blues guitarist for Muddy Waters during the 1970s and early 1980s); Snowy White (guitarist for Pink Floyd and Thin Lizzy; touring member of Roger Waters' band since 1997); and Anthony DeCurtis (contributing editor of Rolling Stone magazine for the past 30 years). Many more interviews are in the works.

Do they have a dream interview subject? Koehler believes they could all agree on that: Joe Walsh, of Eagles fame, would be a major coup. Even so, Life's Been Good to Koehler, Green and Christino.

You can find The Keep Calm and Rock On Experience on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@kcropodcast) and by email And on the off chance that Joe Walsh is reading this week's Towson Times, they'd love to hear from you, Joe.

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