Congratulations to Stu Sirota, who was elected president of the Rodgers Forge Community Inc. Stu will preside over the association for the 2012-13 year.

He will be joined by four board members who elected to the executive committee: Jennifer Helfrich, vice president; Janice Moore, treasurer; Carol Zielke, recording secretary; and Jay Dunn, corresponding secretary.


We send best wishes to all of them.

Each year the association holds an annual meeting to discuss community issues and to elect board members — we reported those results in our last column. Then, the following week, the board members (new and current) gather to elect the executive committee.

Recently board member John Rinehar alerted 5th District County Councilman David Marks to the fact that many of the newly paved curbs in the Forge had cracks, where drainage pipes lead to the gutters. He asked Marks to look into the matter.

Marks promised to follow up, and sent a memo to the association, which he received from James Lathe, chief of the county's Bureau of Highways, stating that a county inspector subsequently met with Rinehart on Sept. 17, and assessed the condition of the curbs within the Rodgers Forge community. The inspector "determined that there were some areas that were in need of repairs and are still covered under warranty with the contractor. These repairs will be made during the 2012-construction- season.

"The additional areas that Mr. Rinehart was concerned with were aesthetic issues and not in need of repairs at this time," according to the memo. "However, we will continue to monitor the area and make the appropriate repairs when necessary."

Our local schools are in full swing and this year, Dumbarton Middle School is instituting a new after school group — the Builders Club, a chapter of the worldwide Kiwanis Builders Club.

This student-led organization provides opportunities for middle school students to perform community service, build character and develop leadership. Details will follow as they happen.

Also at Dumbarton, we join the community in welcoming Robin Hawley Brillante to the school. She will teach eighth-grade language arts.

Generations Day at Rodgers Forge Elementary School, to be held Oct. 18, is one of the school's early fall events. On this day, a person special to the students — a grandparent, an aunt or uncle or someone else — will join them at school. Whoever it is, Generations Day is always a fun time for students and that special person.

Rodgers Forge's third-, fourth- and fifth-graders have resumed their cross county running meets this month. On Oct. 4, they met at Pinewood Elementary and on Oct. 9, they met at Rodgers Forge.

Parents, if you are interested in sending your child to St. Pius X School, or are in the process of looking at prospective schools, Oct. 14 is a date to remember. On that day, St. Pius X will hold an open house, from 12:30 to 2 p.m. More details are available by calling the school at 410-427-7400.

Meanwhile, St. Pius X is also welcoming a new teacher, BethAnn Kornobis, who will teach third grade.

The last day for voter registration for the 2012 General Election is Oct. 16. Call 410-887-5700 for details. If you are not registered, please do so. Voting is a privilege for all U.S. citizens, and every vote counts.

Till we meet again ...