Towson pediatrician Dr. Krystyna Blotny, right, who is retiring in early July, gets a hug from registered nurse Stephanie Dieter at a party for Dieter in 2014.
Towson pediatrician Dr. Krystyna Blotny, right, who is retiring in early July, gets a hug from registered nurse Stephanie Dieter at a party for Dieter in 2014. (BSMG File)

Beloved Towson pediatrician Dr. Krystyna Blotny, is retiring after more than 20 years of healing bodies and minds at Drs. Gouel and Blotny.

Dr. Blotny has been practicing for more than 45 years, the first 10 of which were in Poland. Since coming to America in 1984, she worked at Children’s Hospital, University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins Bayview and Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital. She ventured into private practice in 1999 and spent many years on Osler Drive in Towson before relocating to Lutherville about three years ago.


Sarah van Tiem, who has been entrusting the care of her children to Dr. Blotny for more than 15 years, shared the bittersweet news of her retirement with me. Finding a great pediatrician is a blessing not only for the kids but for their parents, too. We form priceless bonds when the right physician feels like family. I connected with Dr. Blotny and many of her patients and former co-workers over the past few days, and I can attest to the fact that she has an enormous fan base!

Jennifer Alonso ‪says her husband was once a patient of Dr. Blotny, which is why they chose her to be the pediatrician for their own little ones. “Not only was she wonderful to my children, and they adore her, but she was always there for me as a new mom. I had no idea what I was doing but she always made me feel like I was an amazing mom with the most beautiful children in the world. She is a treasure.”

Sara Latrobe, who worked with Dr. Blotny years ago at Mt. Washington and later at St. Joe’s, calls her “absolutely the most caring person anyone could ever have the pleasure of working with. She is someone I have the utmost respect for as a pediatrician and a person that I’m proud to have called a co-worker, mentor and friend.”

Stacey Hawkins recalled her fears when her firstborn developed RSV (respiratory syncytial virus). “Dr. Blotny told me it’s either going to get better or worse that evening. If it gets worse to call her at home and she would meet me at the hospital—any time of night. With that, she gave me her home phone number. She truly is the best, and I am so thankful she has been our pediatrician all these years.”

Personal, compassionate, above-and-beyond is Dr. Blotny’s standard of care. Nurse Stephanie Dieter worked for many years at Drs. Gouel and Blotny. She says Dr. Blotny has been like a mother or grandmother figure to countless patients and families. “Always going out of her way, not hesitating to give patients her home or cell number. She has a world of knowledge to draw on. She’s so smart, supportive, generous with her time. You just don’t find doctors like this anymore.” Dieter also greatly appreciated Dr. Blotny’s subtle sense of humor, which made work a joy. “We just meshed,” she said.

I told Dr. Blotny that we could fill this entire newspaper with praise I was hearing about her, to which she joked, “What have they been eating? I am not special. I am just a human being.” She is, above all, very humble. “It has been my privilege to share knowledge,” Dr. Blotny said. “Parents have trusted me, offered me to take care of the most wonderful things in life, which are their children, and I am so appreciative. We are supposed to take care of one another. I am an extension of the families, to support them and help them make good decisions, so all of them can grow.”

Dr. Blotny’s last day in the office will be July 3. Best wishes for a happy, healthy retirement, and many joyful days spent spoiling her own sweet grandchildren!