Towson man arrested, charged with tagging at least 25 Towson businesses with graffiti

A Towson man was arrested Monday night and charged with destruction of property for graffiting “KX3” on at least 25 downtown Towson businesses, police said.

Kyle Greentaner, 24, was charged with 25 counts of destruction of property on dates throughout the month of July, according to online court records.


Towson Precinct Capt. Jan Brown said police got a tip Sunday night that the person responsible for tagging KX3 around Towson could be a white male with a white baseball cap and blue shirt.

The next evening, Brown said, police got a call indicating that a man matching that description was painting the wall at 610 York Road. Police found Greentaner at York Road and Towsontown Boulevard, Brown said in an email.


“He was in possession of paint cans, had a surgical mask on his chin and was arrested,” Brown wrote in an email. “Once [Greentaner] was interviewed he admitted to tagging all the properties with the KX3 and feels it is art.” Brown said the letters were related to the suspect’s first name, Kyle.

Businesses targeted include The Greene Turtle, Towson Commons, Tobacco Market, State Highway Administration signage around Towson Circle, Lotsa Pizza, Fidelity Investments and Towson Town Center, Brown said, saying police have not yet identified all the victims.

Nancy Hafford, of the Towson Chamber of Commerce, was particularly incensed by the fact that graffiti was painted over the “Towson” mural by Nacho Mama’s.

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The perpetrator “covered over an artist’s painting,” Hafford said. “That’s atrocious.”

“This really ticks me off,” said Councilman David Marks, who represents the area, adding later: “Graffiti not only makes our communities ugly, but it wastes resources for property owners” who have to then clean up the graffiti.

Hafford said the chamber sent an email to businesses today asking them to remove the graffiti “as quickly as possible,” and offering help in getting it removed.

“We’re working to beautify our area, not destroy our area,” Hafford said.

Hafford and Marks both said they hope the perpetrator is made to pay for the damages to businesses.


Towson Entertainment Squad, a police squad created last year to patrol downtown to address nuisance and quality of life issues, was responsible for arresting Greentaner, Brown said. Officers Scott Bockstie, Scott Johnson, Robert Hoerr and Donald Oakjones were instrumental in the apprehension, he said.

Greentaner did not have an attorney listed in online court records. A trial date is set for Oct.9.