Baltimore County's Drumcastle Government which used to be Caldor department store, is seen shortly after it opened in 2002.
Baltimore County's Drumcastle Government which used to be Caldor department store, is seen shortly after it opened in 2002. (Photo by Algerina Perna/The Baltimore)

Baltimore County plans to replace its Drumcastle Government Center garage with a larger one and expand the nearby St. Pius X Church lot for use by Drumcastle employees while the new garage is built.

The existing 273-space garage at the Drumcastle center, 6401 York Road, would be replaced by a 500-space garage at the same location, according to County Councilman David Marks.


"The parking there is a huge issue," Mark said in an email. "Cars spill out into the neighborhood, particularly on Windwood Road."

About one third of the 900 people who work at the center, which includes county Health Department and Social Services offices, would be relocated during construction, county spokeswoman Ellen Kobler said.

No cost estimates on demolition or construction have been done yet, and won't be for an estaimated six to nine months, Kobler said. She said County Council approval of the garage replacement project is not needed.

Marks said work to design the proposed garage is expected to begin shortly.

"I'm interested in the specific design of the garage and I want to share the proposal with the community, but think we need to move forward with the process," he said.

The council on Aug. 3 was expected to approve a related parking agreement between the county administration and St. Pius X Roman Catholic Congregation, Inc. and the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Baltimore, to use 33 existing parking spaces at St. Pius, plus 14 new spaces the county would create and pave as temporary spaces until the new garage is built. The church is located at 6428 York Road, across the street from the Drumcastle center.

The three-year contract, renewable for two years, calls for the county to pay St. Pius $30,000 a year for the right to have county employees park there, Marks said. Compensation would total $154,236 for the entire five-year term, according to contract details that Marks provided..

Any required maintenance, repair, reconstruction, or resurfacing beyond normal wear and tear would be performed by the church and paid for by the county, according to the terms of the contract. The church can ask the county to provide snow removal and salting if the county's snow removal contractor can't, and the church can ask the county to remove the 14 parking spaces when the new garage opens, the contract states.

Church officials declined to comment.