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Readers entering Towson Times' drawing for 'Dark Knight' midnight show tickets share excitement

Fans are excited about the plot, the villains and the way director Christopher Nolan will wrap up his Batman trilogy, according to some of the comments being made by people entering the Towson Times' random drawing for tickets to the midnight opening of "The Dark Knight Rises."

The Towson Times is hosting a random drawing for a set of four (4) tickets to the midnight premiere of the film (12:01 a.m. on Friday, July 20) at the Regal Hunt Valley Cinemas.

The deadline to enter is 6 p.m. Wednesday, July 18.

To enter the drawing and for complete contest rules, "like" our Sun Towson page on Facebook here and fill out the entry form.

As part of the entry process, readers are invited to share with us — and fellow fans — what they are most looking forward to in "The Dark Knight Rises."

So far, several readers have commented on their anticipation of the new gadgets in Batman's arsenal, his new costume and the way Bane and Catwoman will be portrayed.

One reader said, "I'm most excited to see how (director) Christopher Nolan is going to put a wrap on the superhero trilogy that has set the bar high for producing superhero movies from now on. The hype is all well deserved ..."

"It looks like a really good story," said another, "and it seems as though Christopher Nolan has outdone himself. ... It is the largest production Nolan has ever done and it looks fantastic!"

Another seemed to lament the close of the series with this comment: "How do you tell the conclusion of a story about Batman? Won't Gotham's troubles always exist and won't the city always need someone like Batman to fight its battles?"

Then they added: "What a series!"

One reader said, "It's time for the epic conclusion of the best Batman series to ever be put on the big screen. Christian Bale is the best Batman hands down."

More than a few readers noted the villains. One wrote, "I want to see how (Nolan) ends the trilogy, considering that he picked (Bane) of all characters as opposed to a more traditional one like the Riddler. Oh, and then there is Anne Hathaway too."

In fact, Hathaway's portrayal of Catwoman seemed to strike a nerve of anticipation with several people.

"The recent Batman film(s) have yet to have a STRONG female heroine, and this is what Catwoman does fiercely," wrote one reader.

"Anne Hathaway should make it a must-see. It's really the only summer flick that seems worth talking about," said another.

And still another put it more bluntly, saying he was looking forward to seeing, "Anne Hathaway in (a) catsuit."

But from a purely Baltimore area perspective, perhaps the best comment came from a fan who referenced a scene that's been shown in trailers and commercials, depicting a disaster at a football game that was filmed at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh — and reportedly included members of the Pittsburgh Steelers as players.

The Towson Times contest entrant wrote she was most looking forward to watching, "the ground swallowing up the Pittsburgh Steelers. LOL. I am a true Raven's Fan!!!"

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Be sure to enter the drawing and tell us what you are most anticipating in "The Dark Knight Rises." Or simply share your comments below.

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