York Manor ends Stoneleigh's dynasty in swimming

York Manor's Aden Mann finished second in boys 11-12 100-yard butterfly in the Freestate Trophy meet.
York Manor's Aden Mann finished second in boys 11-12 100-yard butterfly in the Freestate Trophy meet. (photo by Karen Jackson)

After winning eight straight Freestate Trophy Meet championships in a row, the Stoneleigh Sharks outstanding streak of success finally came to an end when the York Manor Makos won the meet at Loyola Blakefield.

York Manor topped the standings with 1,169 points while Stoneleigh was second with 1,032.50. Campus Cabana was third (979.50) followed by Hampton (802), Pine Ridge (649), Woodcroft (513), Wiltondale (485), Valley Swim and Tennis Club (363) and Eagles Nest (132).


Here are the results of the top five swimmers from each team.

York Manor Makos


15-18 girls: Johnna Hock 1st free, breast; Shea Boecker 1st back, 3rd free; Amy Trueschler 3rd breast; Bryana Radebaugh 1st fly, 4th IM.
15-18 boys: Thomsen Thomas 2nd fly, 3rd back.
13-14 girls: Taylor Mann 4th free, 5th back; Annaliese Collins 5th free; Grace Stubblefield 2nd fly, 3rd breast, Alexa Nicolas 4th breast, 5th fly; Lily Widner 5th breast.
13-14 boys: Sam Garthright 1st free, breast; Nicolas Sebastian 4th breast; Nicholas Triantafilou 1st IM, back; Matthew Jahries 2nd back; Drew Kinsey 3rd fly.
11-12 girls: Bria Kahnert 3rd fly, 4th free; Tori Vidmar 3rd breast; Sabrina Zieger 5th IM, fly; Patrice Gapaz 5th back.
11-12 boys: Dallas Mahoney 3rd free; Ayden Mann 2nd fly, 4th IM; Jake Dyer 3rd back; Gavin Potterfield 5th fly.
9-10 girls: Molly Melito 5th breast; Madison Ferraci 1st fly, 2nd IM; Lila Kinsey 4th IM; Chloe Gibson 4th back, 4th (tie) fly. Laynie Vidma 4th (tie) fly.
9-10 boys: Luca Van Eron 3rd free; Aidan Zieger 3rd breast, 4th back; Aidan Collins 5th IM.
7-8 girls: Molly Clapp 4th free.
7-8 boys: Dominic Feracci 1st free, 2nd fly; Carter Lepley 4th back.
5-6 boys: Brooks Lepley 1st back, 2nd free; Mason Orchard 3rd back.
9-18 girls 100-yard medley relay: Patrice Gapaz, Nicolas Alexa, Bryanna Radebaugh, Lila Kinsey 1st.
9-18 100-yard medley relay: Nicholas Triantailou, Ben Mears, Timothy Brooks, Connor Hurley 2nd.
Mixed 8-and-under 100 yard free relay: Isabelle Nicolas, Carter Lepley, Molly Clapp, Dominic Feracci 1st.
9-18 girls 100-yard free relay: Grace Stubblefield, Sabrina Ziegler, Madison Feracci, Johnna Hock tie 2nd.
9-18 boys 100-yard free relay: Sam Garthright, Dallas Mahoney, Aidan Collins, Thomas Thomsen 2nd.

Stoneleigh Sharks

15-18 girls: Lindsey Dowdy 2nd breast, Anna Trueschler 4th breast.
15-18 boys: Jonas Byars 2nd breast, 4th free; Evan Pinkett, 3rd IM, 5th breast; Sam Loeffler 4th IM. Chris Pilotte, 4th back, 4th fly.
13-14 girls: Siena Twiss, 4th back, 5th 100 IM.
13-14 boys: Ryan Pilotte 3rd free; Hunter Tipton 5th free; Patrick Galvez, 2nd breast, 5th IM; Tim Loeffler, 3rd breast, 4th fly; Jack Corbett 5th breast; Nathan Whitman 3rd back Luke Rowland 4th back.
11-12 girls: Clara Glaser 3rd free, 3rd back; Camryn Joseph 2nd fly, 5th free; Fiona Schwanke 4th breast; Maya Galvez 5th breast; Ellie Scherer, 1st fly, 2nd IM; Madeline Till 4th fly.
11-12 boys: Landon Jones 3rd 50 fly, 5th free.
9-10 girls: Perry Donovan, 3rd free; Bella Belmont 5th backstroke.
7-8 girls: Libby Scherer 3rd free, 4th fly; Lucy Loeffler, 4th breast, 4th fly; Cecilia vanLierop, 4th back.
7-8 boys: Hayden Koller 4th free, Ben Faraone 2nd back, 5th free.
5-6 girls: Naomi Black 5th back.
5-6 boys: Shelby Chason 4th free; Bobby Siciliano 4th free; Ryan Broome, 4th back.
Mixed 8-and-under 100 yard free relay: Libby Scherer, Connor Parks, Lucy Loeffler, Hayden Koller 1st.
9-18 girls 100-yard medley relay: Bella Belmont, Lindsey Dowdy, Ellie Scherer, Elisabeth Swift 3rd.
9-18 boys 100-yard medley relay: Will Lehmann, Jonas Byars, Tim Loeffler, Sam Swift 3rd.
9-18 girls 100-yard free relay: Siena Twiss, Genevieve Schwanke, Perry Donovan, Clara Glaaser 4th.
9-18 boys 100-yard free relay: Patrick Galvez, Landon Jones, Julian Joseph, Sam Loeffler 4th.

Woodcroft Waves


15-18 girls: Katie Milano 5th free; Emma Blanchard, 5th breast.
15-18 boys: Zach Stone, 3rd free, breast; Neil Blanchard 2nd IM, 5th fly.
11-12 boys: Ben Ostrowski 2nd free, 4th breast; Aidan Blanchard; Tom Prestwich 5th back.
9-10 girls: Sidney Miles 1st breast.
9-10 boys: Bradin Norris 2nd free, 5th fly Daniel Williams 4th free; Maximiliian Moody 4th IM.
7-8 girls: Annie Bennett 1st free, 1st fly.
7-8 boys: Charlie Triplett 5th fly.
5-6 boys: Shane Triplett 2nd back, 5th free.
9-18 boys 100-yard medley relay: Zach Stone, Cole Bradford, Maximilian Moody, Aidan Blanchard 5th.
9-18 boys 100-yard free relay: Neil Blanchard, Ben Ostrowski, Daniel Williams, Will Prestwich 3rd.

Valley Gators

15-18 boys: Zach Potter 1st free, 1st breast; Matt Vorsteg 2nd back.

13-14 girls: Casey Hicks 1st free, 1st IM.

11-12 boys: Ryan Blumenfeld 1st IM, 1st fly; Liam Karey 5th back.

9-10 girls: Mary Mazzulli 1st IM, 1st back; Maggie Mazzulli  4th breast, 5th free.

9-10 boys: Ryan Wahler 2nd breast; Colin Lavin 5th free.

7-8 girls: Amelia Watts 3rd breast.
5-6 boys: Michael Steer 3rd free.
9-18 girls 100-yard medley relay: Kaylee Check, Sidney Miles, Makayla Stone, Izzy Silvis 5th.
9-18 girls 100-yard free relay: Stella Beernink, Maggie Mazzulli, Casey Hicks, Taylor Greenbaum 5th.

Campus Cabana Seahorses

15-18 girls: Kaylee Pitarra 4th free, 5th back; Rose Cook 2nd IM, 3rd back; Katelyn Feihe 4th back.
15-18 boys: Jonathan Brooks 1st IM, fly; Danny Collins 5th free, back; Rory O'Neill Gibbons 5th IM.
13-14 girls: Morgan Descoteau 3rd breast; Alyssa Bathon 3rd IM; Zoe Grau 2nd breast; Mary Grace Brooks 2nd back; Alyssa Bathon 3rd fly.
13-14 boys: Terrence Maxwell 3rd IM, 4th fly; Hayden Deppe 2nd free, 4th IM; Christian Jadra 5th back; Ben Mears 2nd fly.
11-12 girls: Mary Cook 4th IM, back.
11-12 boys: Connor Hurley 4th back, 5th free (tie).
9-10 girls: Jillian Ames 3rd IM.
9-10 boys: Timothy Brooks 1st back, fly; Ethan Daugherty 4th breast; Rohan Sinha 5th IM.
7-8 boys: Jeremiah Webbert 1st breast, 3rd fly; Jackson Brooks 1st back, fly; Declan Ames 2nd breast
5-6 girls: Lucy Whiting 1st free, back Tess Brandenburg 3rd free back (tie).
5-6 boys: Tucker Deremeik 1st free, 5th back.
9-18 girls 100-yard medley relay: Natalie Sann, Zoe Grau, Katelyn Feihe, Grace Brandenburg 4th.
9-18 100-yard medley relay: Jonathan Brooks, Ben Mears, Timothy Brooks, Connor Hurley 1st.
Mixed 8-and-under 100 yard free relay: Maeve Brandenburg, Jeremiah Webbert, Luci Whiting, Jackson Brooks 2nd.
9-18 girls 100-yard free relay: Morgan Descoteau, Mary Cook, Maya Gordon, Rose Cook 2nd.
9-18 boys 100-yard free relay: Hayden Deppe, Ethan Daugherty, Brennan Ames Danny Collins 1st.

Pine Ridge Priahnas

15-18 girls: Madeline Mann 1st IM, 2nd free; Angela Ross 2nd back, 4th fly.
15-18 boys: Evan Smith 4th breast; Rick A.M. 3rd fly.
11-12 girls: Tori Ross 1st free, IM; Delaney Eyring 2nd breast.
11-12 boys: Tommy Hinson 1st breast, 5th IM.
9-10 girls: Lydia Walker 1st free, 2nd fly;
9-10 boys: Keaton Eyring 1st free, 2nd back.
7-8 girls: Addison Davalli 2nd breast, 3rd back; Kelsey Ciliberto 5th breast.
7-8 boys: Chris Beegan 3rd (tie) breast; Jason Kellerman 4th fly.
5-6 girls: Julia Rommel 2nd back, 5th free.
9-18 100-yard medley relay: Ben Beegan, Ben Myers, Keaton Eyring 3rd.
Mixed 8-and-under 100 yard free relay: Addison Davalli, Chris Beegan, Sarah Mann, Jason Kellerman 5th.
9-18 girls 100-yard free relay: Lydia Walker, Tori Ross, Madeline Mann 1st.
9-18 boys 100-yard free relay: Hayden Deppe, Ethan Daugherty, Brennan Ames Danny Collins 1st.




13-14 boys: Mason Vandiver 4th free.
13-14 boys: Andrew Sullivan 1st fly, 2nd IM. Evan Vandiver 4th fly.
11-12 girls: Allison Malecki 1st breast, back.
11-12 boys: Alex Tober 2nd breast, 3rd IM.
9-10 girls: Maeve Marshall 3rd back, Louise Aloi 3rd fly, 4th free; Mora Sorenson 5th IM.
7-8 girls: June Barber 5th free.
7-8 boys: Jake Dickensheets 3rd free; Connor Meers 5th breast.
5-6 girls: Audrey Sorensen 2nd free, 3rd back (tie).
9-18 boys 100-yard free relay: Alex Missry, Evan Vandiver, Alex Sorensen, Stephen Bull 5th.


15-18 girls: Caroline Blum 2nd fly, 3rd IM; Emily Wolff 5th IM, fly; Lucy Hudson 3rd fly.
13-14 girls: Grace Anderson 2nd free, 2nd 100 IM; Samantha Duckett 1st breast, fly; Lauren DeSantis 3rd back.
11-12 girls: Isabella Dernetz 2nd free, 3rd IM; Charlotte Bott 2nd back.
11-12 boys: Ian Anderson, 1st free, 1st back; Matthew Dorsch 3rd breast, 4th free; Peerce Nozeika 2nd IM, 2nd back.
9-10 girls: Leah Goldstein 2nd breast, 3rd IM.
9-10 boys: Michael Porter 1st breast, 3rd IM; Ryan Snyder 1st IM, 2nd fly; Leo Ott, 2nd IM, 4th fly; Ryan Clancy 3rd back, 3rd fly.
7-8 girls: Alice Snyder 2nd free, 2nd fly; Carmen Hilzendeger 1st breast, 1st back; Adrienne Warren 2nd back, 3rd fly; Grace Gearhart 5th back.
7-8 boys: Jake Maly, 2nd free, 3rd back; Ryan Kennedy, 3rd breast.
9-18 girls 100-yard medley relay: Isabella Dernetz, Samantha Duckett, Lucy Hudson, Emory Warren 2nd.

Eagles Nest

9-10 girls: Madison Turnbaugh 2nd free; Natalie Koors 2nd back.
9-10 boys: Holt Taylor, 5th back.
9-18 boys 100-yard free relay: Adrienne Warren, Michael Litrenta, Carmen Hilzendeger, Jake Maly 3rd.

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