Late on the night of Sunday, Feb. 3, a throng of jubilant Baltimore Ravens fans' stopped traffic at the intersection of York Road and Pennsylvania Avenue in Towson as they celebrated the Ravens Super Bowl XLVII victory over the San Francisco 49ers.

Eight hours later, the main artery of the Baltimore County seat was quiet in the chill of a Monday morning in February.


Yet there was plenty of activity nearby, as Ravens fans crowded into area stores in search of Super Bowl gear to commemorate the Ravens 34-31 win.

Outside of the Raven Zone on Joppa Road, piles of championship T-shirts covered tables as customers lined up to buy them.

Loch Raven High alum Kim Linthicum drove down from York, Pa., to make sure her family would be covered in purple pride.

"This is my go-to shop for anything Ravens," she said, noting that it's difficult to find Ravens championship gear in York. "We came down to buy a lot of stuff after the AFC championship game, too. But now I'm buying even more, way more than my husband thinks I should buy."

She said her son, David, is a rabid Ravens fan and that he will be allowed to skip school to attend the victory parade tomorrow.

"If they can let kids out of school up there for (the first day of) deer hunting season, he can take off for my Ravens," she said.

Modell's, in Parkville, was also doing a brisk business in its second session since the Ravens clinched their second world championship.

General manager Tom Luke said the store opened Sunday night "as soon as the clock hit double zeros, a minute or two before 11 o'clock."

He said that a slew of fans rushed the store.

"They were whooping and singing 'Seven Nation Army' (the unofficial Ravens team song)," Luke added. "One guy brought in a tin foil (replica of the) Lombardi Trophy and was holding it up. People were cheering."

Luke estimated that 150 to 200 people waited in line to purchase their purple paraphernalia, and that the store stayed open until after 1:30 Monday morning.

He said Modell's was supposed to reopen at 6 a.m., but there were so many customers in the parking lot, that it opened 15 minutes early to accommodate the crowd.

Workers from Modell's stores in Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia were brought in to help serve the crowds that have made "a huge" impact on sales, according to Luke.

By mid-morning, the store was crowded, although the line to reach a cashier was short. Championship T-shirts appeared to be the big seller, but pennants, hats and sweat shirts were moving as well.


Jordan Wolf waited until late morning to buy her boyfriend a championship T-shirt.

"I'm on my way to meet him at the gym where he works," the Maryvale grad said. "He doesn't know I'm getting it for him."

One item that was flying off the rack, did so quickly.

In one corner of the store, a couple of short rows of 49ers T-shirts were taken down and replaced by more Ravens T-shirts as more fans arrived.