In a difficult year, many Towson citizens displayed kindness, generosity

Councilman David Marks and community leader Nancy Goldring meet in northeast Towson. Goldring was selected as one of Marks' Citizens of the Year for the area.

As we bid adieu to 2020 (dare I say not a moment too soon), it is uplifting to look back on examples of kindness, generosity, compassion and leadership within our community in the past year.

Baltimore County Councilman David Marks did just that, as he reflected on the accomplishments of many outstanding volunteers and released his top picks for the 5th District Citizens of the Year.


The Citizens of the Year program was created in 2011 as a way for Councilman Marks to recognize good works throughout his district, which stretches from Towson to Kingsville.

The 19 individual Citizens of the Year 2020 recognized for the 5th District are: John Barber, Sara Barber, Patricia Anderson, Matthew Anderson, Michael Boyes, Cristina Salazar, Abby Letocha, Phoebe Evans Letocha, Beth Bone Miller, Jeff Dorsey, Joe Goodman, Nancy Goldring, Cathy Balcar, Drena Fertetta, Kim Franke, Tracy Myers, Rob Santoni Jr., Kelly Seifert, and Stephanie Macam Pusinsky.


Additional gratitude was expressed for community-supporting groups, including the Green Towson Alliance, the Student Support Network, Saving IND Inc., Weis Markets, Moore’s Meadows, and Santa’s Elves Food and Toiletry Drive.

Within Towson, the Citizens of 2020 being recognized are:

John and Sara Barber, and Patricia and Matthew Anderson, for their leadership in improving the Knollwood community and Greater Towson during the pandemic.

Michael Boyes and Cristina Salazar, for their leadership in developing the South Towson Design Review Area community survey, which helped guide rezoning and land-use decisions in the Anneslie and Rodgers Forge communities.

Abby Letocha, for leading the effort that produced 3,000 period cycle packs between April and August 2020. Subsequent work has increased this number to nearly 13,000 packs.

Phoebe Evans Letocha, for her leadership in improving public schools, coordinating efforts to end period poverty and advancing the interests of southeastern Towson.

Beth Bone Miller, for her work in advancing environmental improvements, and her overall leadership in the Green Towson Alliance. In honoring Beth, Marks also recognizes the many contributions of the Green Towson Alliance.

Jeff Dorsey and Joe Goodman for their unfailing dedication as volunteers with the Student Support Network. In honoring Jeff and Joe, Marks is also recognizing the outstanding work of the Student Support Network, which continued to play a critical role in helping vulnerable families this year.


Santa’s Elves Food and Toiletry Drive (Sarah and Howard Denney, and their family, friends, and neighbors) for its collection of food and household goods for CARES Center in Govans.

Nancy Goldring, for her tireless leadership in protecting the interests of northeast Towson. Nancy has been a champion for her neighbors against difficult odds.

“2020 has been a truly difficult year, but it has also brought out the best in generosity and community leadership,” Marks said. “Additionally, I thank our first responders, physicians, educators and those on the front lines for all their work this year. We truly have many ‘Citizens of the Year’ this year.”

Happy New Year! I look forward to great things ahead for us all in 2021.