To help a fellow coach in need, Dulaney High lacrosse coach Kyle Fiat put the pedal down

Kyle Fiat, head lacrosse coach at Dulaney High School, recently vowed to ‘Keep the Pedals Spinning’ when he set off on an almost 350-mile bike ride to raise funds to benefit fellow Dulaney coach, Daron Reid, who is battling pancreatic cancer.

Coach Reid is the head football coach and assistant track and field coach at Dulaney as well as the behavior interventionist for the Special Education Department. A strong man with a positive attitude, Coach Reid is fighting each and every day in order to be able to give back to the student-athletes at Dulaney, as well as to his three children and wife at home. Coach Fiat is riding from Pittsburgh to Georgetown to raise funds for Coach Reid and his family to help pay for medical bills and already has raised over $13,000 from almost 250 donors.


Coach Fiat, along with brother-in-law, Drew VonLintel, who flew in from Salt Lake City, set out to complete the 344-mile ride carrying all the necessary camping equipment as well as food, water, and clothes in their bike bags. Both are physical education teachers and avid cyclists who shared a long-time goal of “bikepacking” from Pittsburgh to Georgetown on the Great Allegheny Passage, which is a steady climb from Pittsburgh to the Eastern Continental Divide, and then onto the C&O Canal.

Originally intending on covering the distance over the course of five days, from June 27 until July 1, they averaged just over 80 miles a day for the first three days of the trip. An incoming storm pushed them to an almost 100-mile ride on the fourth day to finish the ride to avoid the advancing rain and winds. The ride challenged them physically and mentally but both were well prepared and motivated.


“During a 4:45 a.m. training ride on the [Northern Central Railroad] Trail, I was coming up with every excuse in the world as to why I didn’t feel like riding that morning,” Coach Fiat said. “As I was making these excuses, I reflected to a conversation that Coach Reid and I had a couple days earlier, in a back hallway of Dulaney, where he shared with me his mindset and attitude as he attacked his battle with pancreatic cancer.

“He shared with me how his family as well as coaching athletes at Dulaney was his drive and focus each day. At that moment, my excuses became irrelevant and this ride from Pittsburgh to Georgetown transformed into more than me and my brother-in-law accomplishing a personal goal of ours. It turned into an opportunity to create a platform to support Coach Reid and his family to help pay for medical bills. It was special to see so many pitch in and help out. I’m thankful for all the support in our community to help Coach Reid and his family.

“Coach Reid was our motivation to ‘Keep the Pedals Spinning.’”

Donations are still being accepted at, and all of us here in the Dulaney community are sending best wishes and support to Coach Reid.