District court in Towson closed after bed bug found in file room

Bed bug found in file room shuts down District Court in Towson.

A bug that's the size of an apple seed shut down the District Court of Maryland in Towson on Friday.

Administrators closed the Chesapeake Avenue courthouse and annex for the afternoon and canceled hearings after someone found a bed bug in a file room, officials with the Maryland Judiciary said. All hearings will be rescheduled.

Maryland Judiciary spokeswoman Angelita Plemmer Williams said an exterminator confirmed that the insect was a bed bug.

"We are reacting in a way that really is in an abundance of caution," Plemmer Williams said. "We only found one. We would encourage people not to be alarmed, but just to be aware."

Over the weekend, exterminators and dogs that are trained to sniff out bed bugs will inspect the courthouse and annex, she said. The results will determine whether court opens as usual Monday.



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