Five Oaks opens swim season with victory, Rollingwood and Hunting Hills produce multiple winners

Five Oaks opens swim season with victory, Rollingwood and Hunting Hills produce multiple winners
Rollingwood assistant coach Megan Lehane wishes good luck to swimmer Keela Aldave before she won the freestyle in the girls 8 & under race in 2017. Aldave, now in the 9-10 age group, won two events in the Seals' 278-207 win over Meadowbrook on June 29. (File photo)

The Rollingwood Seals swim team opened the season on June 24 with a 294-192 loss at home to Hammond Park.

The Seals did produce some fine performances.


Triple winners included Keela Aldave and Nathan Pittroff and double winners were Alfie Aldave, Zach Missigman, Rahul Shanani and Rebecca Younts.

Rollingwood will try to get its first victory at Crofton on July 1.


6-and-under-girls: Mimi Deoliveira 1st free, back; Lily Randell 3rd back.

6-and-under-boys: Alfie Aldave 1st free, back; Josh Kirby 3rd free; Noah Mays 2nd free; Noah Southern 2nd back; Landon Tersiguel 3rd back.

8-and-under girls: Keela Aldave 1st free, back, fly; Maeve Brennan 3rd free; Veronica Rupp 3rd fly; Noelle Saxton 2nd back, fly; Virginia Underwood 3rd breast; Emily Vogel 2nd free, 3rd back.

8-and-under boys: Mac Lehane 3rd breast; Logan Schriefer 2nd back; Lucas Tersiguel 3rd fly.

9-10 girls: Claire Mays 3rd free; Samantha Randell 1st back; Maura West 1st fly, 2nd breast.

9-10 boys: Zach Missigman 1st fly, breast; Rahul Shahani 1st IM, back; Torun Shahani 2nd free, back.

11-12 girls: Mary Cate Bryant 3rd breast.

11-12 boys: Nathan Pittroff 1st IM, fly, breast; Gavin Hipszer 3rd free; Jonah Stein 1st back, 2nd IM, breast.

13-14 girls: Caroline Bryant 3rd back; Jenna Missigman 3rd breast; Hannah Stone 2nd free, 3rd fly; Ava Waddell 1st back.

13-14 boys: Jacob Kight 3rd free; Matthew Perry 2nd back, fly; William Slade 2nd breast; Ryan Taylor 1st free, 2nd IM; Noah Waltz 1st breast, 3rd back.

15-18 girls: Elizabeth Perry 2nd back, fly; Maggie Stein 3rd free, back, breast; Veronica Tis 1st IM; Rebecca Younts 1st fly, breast, 2nd free.


15-18 boys: Victor O'Toole 1st free, 2nd IM, fly; John Perry 3rd fly; Adam Stein 3rd IM.

Hunting Hills drops swim team opener to St. Andrews, 250-196

Amaya Burke and Arthur Lane each won four events and Cecilia Liberto, Sophia Mahle and Makaela Hill won three events each for the Hammerheads.

Hunting Hills will try to earn its first victory on Saturday, July 1 when they host Woodbridge Valley at 9 a.m.


6-and-under boys: Noah Bushar, 2nd back; Careem Clark, 2nd free; Misha Gapeev, 3rd free.

8-and-under girls: Lily Chen, 3rd breast; Lyla Davenport, 1st fly.

8-and-under boys: Salvatore Doede, 2nd free, back, 3rd breast.

9-10 girls: Lily Adkins, 2nd breast; Zoe Genz, 2nd IM, 3rd fly; Zilani
Mutinda, 3rd breast; Morgan Winkfield, 2nd back.

9-10 boys: Jesse Davenport, 2nd IM, breast; Wesley Straffin, 2nd fly, 3rd IM, free.

11-12 girls: Cecilia Liberto, 1st back, breast, 2nd free; Sophia Mahle, 1st IM, free, fly; Rosalie Westrick, 3rd breast.

11-12 boys: Owen Chen, 2nd IM, free, breast; Elijah Davenport, 2nd back, fly; August Doede, 3rd free, breast; Vova Gapeev, 3rd fly; Tim Swift, 3rd back.

13-14 girls: Grace Adkins, 2nd breast, 3rd free; Keelin Becker, 2nd free, 3rd IM, back, breast; Amaya Burke, 1st IM, free, back, fly; Catherine McNamara, 1st breast, 2nd IM, back, fly.

13-14 boys: Arthur Lane, 1st IM, free, back, breast; Shan Skaarenborg, 1st fly, 3rd IM, free, back.

15-18 girls: Sydney Bubnis, 3rd IM, fly; Destiny Edwards, 3rd free; Jenna Gwinn, 1st breast, 2nd IM, 3rd back; Anna Hall, 1st IM, 2nd back, fly; Makaela Hill, 1st free, back, fly.

15-18 boys: Dima Gapeev, 3rd fly.

Five Oaks upends Waverly Woods, in opener, 250-226

6-and-under-girls: Jocelyn Snedeker 1st free, 1st relay; Cloe Goode 2nd back; Carolina Weikel 3rd back; Leah Roberson 1st relay.

6-and-under-boys: Max Rehmert 1st free, back, relay; Noah Manger 2nd free, 1st relay; Jack Szczesniakowski 3rd free.

8-and-under-girls: Vanessa Gray 1st free; Ella Booth 2nd free, 1st relay; Veronica Gray 3rd free, 1st relay; Abby Simon 2nd back, relay; Gabrielle Gray 2nd breast; Julia Wilkens 2nd relay.

8-and-under-boys: Oliver Korch 1st free, 3rd fly, breast; Joe Szczesniakowski 1st back, relay; Dominick Pell 1st fly, breast, relay; Jack Lovell 2nd relay; McKinley Bolton 2nd relay.

9-10 girls: Zoe Weker 1st IM, fly, breast; Maya King 2nd free, 3rd IM, fly; Julia Madrid 2nd back; Belle Simon 3rd back; Ellie Bateman 2nd breast; Oliva Iovenitti 3rd relay; Kate Roberson 3rd relay; Sophie Mueller 3rd relay; Jessica Johns 3rd relay.

9-10 boys: Danny Sentz 1st IM, free, back; Cooper Snedeker 1st, fly, 2nd IM, breast; Jack Kitchel 2nd back; Jack McGuinn 3rd back, 2nd relay; James Sangree 2nd fly; Nico Parr 2nd relay; Henrik Moen 2nd relay; Luke McCaffery 2nd relay.

11-12 girls: Evelyn Sangree 3rd IM, 1st relay; Sophia Parr 2nd fly; Grace Simon 3rd fly, 1st relay; Bryce Kelley 1st relay; Emily Bartlett 1st relay.

11-12 boys: Vince Pell 3rd IM, 2nd fly, relay; Roman Dongarra 2nd back, relay; Evan Goode 2nd breast; Kodiak Bolton 2nd relay; Chris Riley 2nd relay; Asher Vance 3rd relay; Will Roberson 3rd relay; Kyle Smith 3rd relay; Cole Lovell 3rd relay.

13-14 girls: Mary Dunworth 1st IM, back, breast; Savannah Arciaga 2nd IM, fly, 3rd back; Lilly Queeney 3rd free; Tori Booth 3rd fly.

13-14 boys: Nate Sukeena 1st IM, breast, relay; Patrick Bauer 1st free, 2nd IM, breast; Pei King 1st backm 2nd free, 1st relay; Thomas Norden 2nd fly, 3rd free, back; Keegan Walchak 1st fly, 2nd back, 3rd breast; Paul Dillingham 1st relay; Max Weker 1st relay.

15-18 girls: Michelle Milter 1st IM, breast, 3rd fly; Paige Adelsberger 1st free, fly, relay; Brigid Flynn 3rd free, breast; Annabel Hennessy 2nd back, 1st relay; Colleeen Leahy 3rd back.

15-18 boys: Malik Mohanlal-Vargas 1st IM, free, relay; Luke Dongarra 1st back, breast, relay.

Five Oaks looks for its second win on July 1 when they host Bolton Hill.