Three area swim teams earn victories in second week of Central Maryland Swim League

Hunting Hills hosted Woodbridge Valley on July 1 in Division VI of the Central Maryland Swim League and the visiting Bluefins improved to 2-0 with a 279-175 victory.

Hunting Hills (0-2) hosts Swan Lake on Saturday, July 8 and Woodbridge Valley hosts St. Andrews on the same day.

Hunting Hills results

6-and-under girls: Amelia Decker, 3rd free; Isabella Decker, 2nd free, 3rd back.

6-and-under boys: Misha Gapeev, 3rd free, back.

8-and-under girls: Lily Chen, 1st breast; Lyla Davenport, 1st fly, 3rd free.

8-and-under boys: Salvatore Doede, 1st back, 2nd free; Serge Witenstein, 3rd free, back.

9-10 girls: Ava Chen, 2nd breast; Morgan Winkfield, 3rd IM.

9-10 boys: Jesse Davenport, 1st IM, fly, 2nd free.

11-12 girls: Cecilia Liberto, 2nd breast, 3rd IM; Colleen Simpkins, 1st IM, fly, 3rd free.

11-12 boys: Owen Chen, 3rd IM; Elijah Davenport, 2nd IM, fly; August Doede, 3rd breast.

13-14 girls: Grace Adkins, 2nd breast, 3rd back; Amaya Burke, 1st IM, free, fly; Catherine McNamara, 1st breast, 3rd IM, free; Ava Weeks, 3rd fly.

13-14 boys: Shan Skaarenborg, 1st back, 2nd IM, free, breast.

15-18 girls: Jessica Bartel, 3rd breast; Jenna Gwinn, 1st back, breast, 3rd IM; Anna Hall, 2nd IM, free, back, fly; Makaela Hill, 1st IM, free, fly.

15-18 boys: Evan Berlin, 2nd IM, 3rd back, breast; Dima Gapeev, 1st IM, free, 2nd fly.

Rollingwood earns first victory of swim season

The Rollingwood Seals evened their record with a 264.5-222.5 victory over Crofton.

The Seals will try and get over .500 in Division II when they swim at Watermont on Saturday, July 8.

Triple winners for the Seals against Crofton included Rahul Shahani, Casey Fisher and Nathan Pittroff.


6-and-under-girls: Mimi Deoliveira 1st free, back.

6-and-under-boys: Alfie Aldave 1st back, 2nd free; Liam Brennan 3rd free; Noah Mays 1st free.

8-and-under girls: Julia Acker 3rd breast; Keela Aldave 1st free, fly, 2nd back; Maeve Brennan 3rd free; Noelle Saxton 1st back, 2nd fly; Molly Snyder 1st breast.

8-and-under boys: Mac Lehane 1st breast; Henry Morrison 2nd breast; Zach Schollart 3rd free; Braeden Spinnato 2nd back.

9-10 girls: Claire Mays 2nd back, 3rd breast; Samantha Randell 1st back; Samantha Shepherd 3rd fly; Kate Wilking 2nd IM, breast.

9-10 boys: Rahul Shahani 1st IM, back, fly; Torun Shahani 1st free, 2nd IM, back; Austin Slade 1st breast; William Turner 3rd back.

11-12 girls: Elena Aldave 1st fly; Patricia Barth 2nd back, 3rd IM; Mary Cate Bryant 2nd IM; Casey Fisher 1st free, back, breast; Chloe Lehane 1st IM, 2nd free, 3rd breast; Madelyn Taylor 3rd fly.

11-12 boys: Gavin Hipszer 3rd back; Nathan Pittroff 1st IM, fly, breast; Ethan Schulze 3rd IM; Jonah Stein 1st free, back, 2nd breast; Joshua Vahlsing 2nd back, 3rd fly.

13-14 girls: Angelina Aldave 2nd back, fly; Ava Vanek 2nd breast, 3rd IM.

13-14 boys: Sean Miller 2nd breast, 3rd free; Matthew Perry 1st fly, 2nd back; Ryan Taylor 2nd IM, free; Noah Waltz 1st IM, 2nd fly, 3rd back.

15-18 girls: Maggie Stein 2nd free, 3rd back; Veronica Tis 3rd free; Rebecca Younts 1st IM, fly, 2nd breast.

15-18 boys: Victor O’Toole 2nd IM, free, fly; Adam Stein 1st breast, 3rd fly; John Tis 1st back, 3rd free.

Five Oaks tops Bolton Hill, 266-242

Dominick Pell and Mary Dunworth were triple winners for Five Oaks (2-0) as they defeated Bolton Hill for its second straight win to start the season.

Five Oaks travels to the Dulaney Swim Club on Saturday, July 8 in its quest for a third straight win.

On Wednesday at 5 p.m., Five Oaks will host the Don Schaub Invitational swim meet.

The meet offers novice swimmers a chance to shine.


6-and-under-girls: Cloe Goode 2nd back; Jocelyn Snedecker 1st free, 1st back.

6-and-under-boys: Max Rehmert 2nd free, 1st back; Noah Manger 3rd free.

8-and-under-girls: Ella Booth 2nd free; Gabrielle Gray 1st breast; Vanessa Gray 1st back, 2nd fly; Veronica Gray 3rd fly; Madison Rehmert 3rd free, 3rd back

8-and-under-boys: McKinley Bolton 3rd free, 2nd back; Oliver Korch 1st back, 2nd breast; Dominick Pell 1st free, 1st fly, 1st breast; Joseph Szczesniakowski 2nd free, 2nd fly.

9-10-girls: Maya King 3rd IM, 2nd free, 2nd breast; Julia Madrid 3rd free, 3rd breast; Isabelle Simon 3rd back; Zoe Weker 1st IM, 1st back, 2nd fly.

9-10-boys: Jack McGuinn 3rd breast; James Sangree 3rd IM; Daniel Sentz 2nd free, 3rd fly, 2nd breast; Cooper Snedeker 2nd IM, 2nd back, 2nd fly.

11-12-girls: Audrey Adelsberger 2nd free, 1st fly; Sierra Arciaga 1st IM, 3rd free, 2nd fly; Lucy Rehmert 2nd back; Evelyn Sangree 3rd IM, 3rd back, 3rd breast; Hallie Shepard 2nd breast, 3rd fly.

11-12-boys: Finn Alexander 2nd IM, 1st free, 1st breast; Paul Dongarra 3rd fly; Vincent Pell 3rd free, 3rd back.

13-14-girls: Savannah Arciaga 1st back, 1st fly; Victoria Booth 3rd breast; Isabella Dongarra 3rd IM, 3rd free; Mary Dunworth 1st IM, 1st free, 1st breast; Caroline Prince 2nd back; Lily Queeney 3rd back.

13-14-boys: Pei King 2nd IM, 3rd breast; Thomas Norden 3rd fly; Nate Sukeena 2nd free, 1st back, 1st breast; Keegan Walchak 2nd fly.

15-and-over-girls: Paige Adelsberger 2nd free, 1st fly; Annabel Hennessy 1st IM, 2nd back; Michelle Milter 3rd free, 2nd breast; Katie Norden 3rd breast.

15-and-over-boys: Luke Dongarra 2nd IM, 3rd free, 2nd back; Malik Mohanlal-Vargas 2nd free, 1st fly; James Sentz 3rd breast.

Wynnewood prevails over Roland Run

The Wynnewood Warriors won its second straight in Division II in the Central Maryland Swim League as they held off Roland Run, 245-241


6-and-under-girls: Natalie Penn 2nd free, back.

6-and-under boys: Mason Speake 1st free; back; Daniel Sapunar 2nd free, back, Jacob Roth 3rd free, back.

8-and-under-girls: Sandra Epp 1st free, fly, Molly Broschart 1st back, 2nd free; Ashtyn Marr 2nd back.

8-and-under-boys: Brooks McKinley 1st breast, 2nd free; Nathan Ryan 2nd back, fly.

9-10 girls: Morgan Keating 1st IM, fly, Violet Holsey 1st back, 2nd IM, free; Karsen Smith 2nd breast, 3rd back; Brittany Ashby 3rd breast.

9-10 boys: Cole Smith 1st breast, 2nd IM; Andrew Fowler 3rd IM, fly, Jackson Athas 1st free, fly.

11-12 girls: Francesca Woody 1st IM, fly; Andrea Magbulos 2nd free; Back; Naomi Von Wachter 3rd free; Kathryn Mix 3rd back; Kate Lenhardt 3rd fly; Darcy Blottenberger 2nd breast; Ella Roberts 3rd breast.

11-12 boys: Matthew O'Donnell 1st IM, breast; Noah Von Wachter 2nd free, 3rd IM; Dylan Hicks 2nd back; Pablo Quintero 3rd fly; Luke Dawson 2nd breast.

13-14 girls: Kira Stocksdale 3rd free; Lily Holsey 2nd fly; Sara Aviles 3rd fly, Isabella Klemm 1st breast.

13-14 boys: Gavin Kolb 2nd IM; Gabriel Von Wachter 1st free, 2nd back; Luis Quintero 2nd breast, 3rd back; Juan Quintero 3rd breast.

15-18 girls: Anna Kidd 2nd IM, breast, Christina Schweitzer 1st back, 3rd IM; Katie Beuchel 2nd free, 3rd breast; Veronica Schweitzer 3rd free, back; 3rd fly.

15-18 boys: Max Klemm 1st IM, fly; David Wilbourne 1st back, 2nd fly, 3rd IM; Paul Sullivan 1st free, breast, Ross Kidd 3rd free, breast; Dominic Klemm 2nd back, Sal Romeo 3rd back.

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