Five Oaks drops first meet to Dulaney Swim Club and Wynnewood stays unbeaten in Central Maryland Swim League

The Five Oaks swim team dropped its first meet of the season in week three of the Central Maryland Swim League as the Barracudas (2-1) were defeated 273-197 by the Dulaney Swim Club (2-1).

Triple winners for Five Oaks included: Cooper Snedeker, Zoe Weker and Patrick Bauer.


Double winners were Dominic Pell and Vincent Pell.



6-and-under girls: Jocelyn Snedecker 2nd free, back.

6-and-under boys: Max Rehmert 1st back, 2nd free; Tyler Rehmert 3rd back; Parker Thompson 3rd free.

8-and-under girls: Veronica Gray 1st back; Gabrielle Gray 2nd breast.

8-and-under boys: Dominick Pell 1st back, breast; McKinley Bolton 2nd back; Oliver Korch 2nd free; Benjamin Shumaker 3rd free.

9-10-girls: Zoe Weker 1st free, back, IM; Ellen Bateman 3rd breast; Channon Bettick 3rd back.

9-10 boys: Daniel Sentz 1st back, 3rd breast; Cooper Snedecker 1st breast, fly, IM; Jack McGuinn 2nd free, 3rd back; Nicolas Parr 3rd free; James Sangree 3rd fly.

11-12 girls: Audrey Adelsberger 2nd fly; Sierra Arciaga 3rd free; Alice Totaro 3rd fly.

11-12 boys: Finn Alexander 1st back, 2nd free, 2nd fly; Evan Goode 1st breast; Vincent Pell 1st fly, IM; Oliver Wack 1st free, 3rd fly; Paul Dongarra 2nd back, 3rd free, 3rd breast; Asher Vance 2nd breast; Chris Riley 3rd back, IM.

13-14 girls: Olivia Totaro 1st fly; Isabella Dongarra 2nd fly, 3rd free; Caroline Prince 2nd breast; Lirael Queeney 2nd IM.

13-14-boys: Patrick Bauer 1st back, breast, IM; Ryan Bartlett 3rd free, fly; Hugh Cohen 3rd breast.

15-18 girls: Paige Adelsberger 1st IM, 2nd fly; Michelle Milter 2nd breast.

15-18 boys: James Sentz 1st back, 2nd free; Luke Dongarra 2nd breast, IM, 3rd fly.


Swan Lake defeats Hunting Hills, 304-157

Hunting Hills (0-3) lost its third straight swim meet, but they had a few fine efforts in the loss to Swan Lake (2-1).

In the 11-12 girls age group, Sophia Mahle was a triple winner and Kathryn Lane was a double winner.

Misha Gapeev captured a pair of victories in the 6-and-under boys.

Five Oaks swimmer Zoe Weker competes in the girls 9-10 50-meter freestyle during a Central Maryland Swim League meet held at Dulaney Swim Club on July 8.Weker won three events in the meet won by Dulaney.
Five Oaks swimmer Zoe Weker competes in the girls 9-10 50-meter freestyle during a Central Maryland Swim League meet held at Dulaney Swim Club on July 8.Weker won three events in the meet won by Dulaney. (Brian Krista / Baltimore Sun Media Group)


6-and-under girls: Eden Chen, 2nd back, 3rd free; Lily Clark, 2nd free; Amelia Decker, 1st free; Isabella Winkfield, 1st back.

6-and-under boys: Misha Gapeev, 1st free, back; Careem Clark, 3rd free.

8-and-under girls: Lily Chen, 2nd breast, 3rd free; Hannah Strom, 1st fly.

8-and-under boys: Salvatore Doede, 2nd free, breast, 3rd back.

9-10 girls: Abigail Bass, 3rd back; Ava Chen, 1st free, 3rd IM, fly; Morgan Winkfield, 2nd IM, fly.

9-10 boys: Jesse Davenport, 2nd IM, fly, 3rd free; Zachary McNeill, 2nd back; Wesley Straffin, 2nd breast, 3rd fly.

11-12 girls: Kathryn Lane, 1st back, breast, 2nd IM; Cecilia Liberto, 2nd back, breast, 3rd free; Sophia Mahle, 1st IM, free, fly; Colleen Simpkins, 2nd free, 3rd IM; Jaynie Simpkins, 2nd fly, 3rd breast.

11-12 boys: Owen Chen, 2nd back; Elijah Davenport, 2nd IM, 3rd free, fly; August Doede, 3rd breast.

13-14 girls: Keelin Becker, 3rd fly; Catherine McNamara, 2nd breast, 3rd IM, back.

13-14 boys: Arthur Lane, 2nd IM, free, back, breast; Shan Skaarenborg, 2nd

15-18 girls: Jessica Bartel, 2nd breast, 3rd IM, back; Allison Berlin, 3rd fly, breast; Sydney Bubnis, 2nd fly; Destiny Edwards, 2nd IM, back, 3rd free.

15-18 boys: Evan Berlin, 3rd back, breast; Dima Gapeev, 3rd IM, free, fly.

Wynnewood wins third straight

The unbeaten Wynnewood Warriors (3-0) continued to roll in Division II in the Central Maryland Swim League as they defeated previously-unbeaten Hammond Park 268-215.

Sandy Epp and Francesca Woody were triple winners for the Warriors and Natalie Penn, Mason Speake, Violet Holsey, Morgan Keating, Jackson Athas and Max Klemm each won two races.

Wynnewood is at Watermont on Saturday, July 15, before ending the regular season with a home meet against Rollingwood.


6-and-under girls: Natalie Penn 1st free, back.

6-and-under boys: Mason Speake 1st free, back; Jacob Roth 2nd back.

8-and-under girls: Sandy Epp 1st free, fly, breast; Molly Broschart 1st back, 2nd free; Ashtyn Marr 3rd back, Ella Sammons 2nd breast.

8-and-under boys: Brooks McKinley 1st free, 2nd breast, 3rd fly; Nathan Ryan 2nd back, fly, 3rd breast

9-10 girls: Morgan Keating 1st IM, fly; Ava Sammons 3rd IM; Violet Holsey 1st free, back; Karsen Smith 1st breast, 3rd free; Lyla Pope 2nd breast; Brittany Ashby 3rd breast.

9-10 boys: Jackson Athas 1st IM, fly; 2nd breast; Cole Smith 1st breast, 2nd IM, free; Andrew Fowler 1st back, 3rd free, fly; Caleb Von Wachter 2nd back.

11-12 girls: Francesca Woody 1st IM, fly, breast; Andrea Magbulos 2nd free, 3rd back; Naomi Von Wachter 2nd breast.

11-12 boys: Noah Von Wachter 3rd IM, free, 2nd fly; Dylan Hicks 2nd back; Ronald Brown 3rd back, Luke Sterling 3rd fly; Luke Dawson 2nd breast.

13-14 girls: Kira Stocksdale 1st free, 2nd IM; Isabella Klemm 1st breast, 2nd back, 3rd IM; Lily Holsey 2nd free, fly, breast.

13-14 boys: Gavin Kolb 2nd IM; Robert Sullivan 2nd free, 3rd IM; Brett Preuett 1st free, 3rd back, fly, Ethan Broschart 2nd back, 3rd free; Gabriel Von Wachter 1st breast, 2nd fly.

15-18 girls: Christina Schweitzer 3rd IM; Veronica Schweitzer 1st free; Alejandra Sullivan 3rd free; Anna Kidd 1st breast, 2nd back, fly; Katie Beuchel 3rd back, breast.

15-18 boys: Max Klemm 1st IM, back; 3rd breast; David Wilbourne 1st fly, 2nd IM, back; Paul Sullivan 2nd free; Ross Kidd 3rd free.

Rollingwood falls to Watermont

The Rollingwood Seals fell to 1-2 in the Central Maryland Swim League after suffering a 268-220 loss to host Watermont.

Rollingwood was led by triple winners Casey Fisher (11-12 girls) and Nathan Pittroff (11-12 boys).

Double winners for the Seals included: Alfie Aldave, Keela Aldave, Noelle Saxton, Mac Lehane and Jonah Stein.


6-and-under girls: Mimi Deoliveira 2nd free, back.

6-and-under boys: Alfie Aldave 1st free, back; Noah Mays 1st free; Noah Southern 3rd back.

8-and-under girls: Keela Aldave 1st free, fly; Noelle Saxton 1st back, breast, 2nd fly; Emily Vogel 3rd back.

8-and-under boys: Mac Lehane 1st free, breast; Henry Morrison 3rd breast; Zach Schollaert 2nd free, 3rd fly; Logan Schriefer 3rd back; Braeden Spinnato 1st back, 3rd free.

9-10 girls: Claire Mays 2nd breast, 3rd free, back; Veronica Merriman 3rd fly; Kate Wilking 1st breast, 2nd IM, fly.

9-10 boys: Zach Missigman 1st IM, 3rd free, back; Liam Protzman 3rd breast; Torun Shahani 1st fly, 2nd free, back; Austin Slade 1st breast.

11-12 girls: Mary Cate Bryant 3rd IM; Casey Fisher 1st IM, back, fly.

11-12 boys: Nathan Pittroff 1st IM, fly, breast; Brian Ruppel 3rd breast; Jonah Stein 1st free, back, 2nd IM; Joshua Vahlsing 3rd back.

13-14 girls: Angelina Aldave 1st fly, 2nd back; Jenna Missigman 3rd breast; Meredith Morse 2nd breast; Hannah Stone 2nd free, 3rd fly; Ava Vanek 3rd IM, back.

13-14 boys: Sean Miller 2nd free, breast; Matthew Perry 3rd back, fly; Ryan Taylor 3rd free.


15-18 girls: Elizabeth Perry 1st fly; Lilly Stein 2nd IM, breast.


15-18 boys: John Perry 2nd fly, 3rd free; Adam Stein 1st IM, 2nd breast; John Tis 1st free, 3rd back, fly.

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