Woodbridge Valley, Wynnewood and Hunting Hills end season at swim divisional championships

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Wynnewood's Sandy Epp won the freestyle and butterfly in the 13-14 age group at the Division III championship meet.

Woodbridge Valley, Wynnewood and Hunting Hills concluded the summer swim season at the divisional championships on July 29.

Braeylynn Wilson was the top swimmer for Woodbridge Valley as she captured three individual victories.


Carter Wilson, Eden Pladna, Olivia Vandewinkel and Charlotte Atkins each won twice and Olivia Beck, Jack Wiggins and Kaylee Ofstead each won once.

Sandy Epp earned a pair of victories for Wynnewood and Austin Bowman, Luke Hoskin, Jack Athas and Olivia Preuett each won one individual event.


Hunting Hills was led by Isabella Decker and Amelia Decker who each won a pair of races.

King Jackson, Jace Hebron, Xavier Griffin-Cummings and Sadie Leese each won one event.

Here are the swimmers who placed in the top 10 at the divisional meet.

Woodbridge Valley's Jack Wiggins won one event and finished second twice at the divisional championship meet.

Woodbridge Valley

9-10 girls 100 IM: Braelynn Wilson 1st; Emma Arconti 3rd

9-10 boys 100 IM: Carter Wilson 1st

11-12 girls IM: Charlotte Atkins 3rd; Charlotte Brady 8th

13-14 girls IM: Ellie Dillenbeck 4th; Anna Winstead 9th; Hannah Strom 10th

13-14 boys IM: Jack Wiggins 2nd


15-18 girls IM: Olivia Vandewinkel 2nd; Kaylee Ofstead 5th; Veronica Lazzelle 7th

15-18 boys IM: Lucas Vandewinkel 2nd

6-and-under girls 25 free: Olivia Beck 1st; Claire Atkins 9th, Zadie Gardner 10th

8-and-under boys 25 free: Pierce Schock 6th

9-10 girls 50 free: Eden Pladna 1st; Molly Wiggins 9th

9-10 boys 50 free: Elliott Atkins 4th; Owen Brady 9th


11-12 girls free: Charlotte Brady 9th

13-14 girls 100 free: Ellie Dillenbeck 4th

13-14 boys free: Jack Wiggins 2nd

15-18 girls free: Olivia Vandewinkel 1st; Isabelle Kaplan 4th; Veronica Lazzelle 5th

15-18 boys free: Herbert Fauth 3rd

6-and-under girls 25 back: Claire Atkins 4th; Zadie Gardner 9th


8-and-under girls 25 back: Joy Smith 7th

8-and-under boys back: John Clark 5th; Pierce Schock 8th

9-10 girls back: Braelynn Wilson 1st; Eden Pladna 2nd; Molly Wiggins 10th

9-10 boys back: Joshua Needham 2nd

11-12 girls back: Charlotte Atkins 1st; Emma Kaplan 6th

13-14 girls back: Emily Beck 2nd; Anna Winstead 6th


13-14 boys back: Andrew Barrick 5th

15-18 girls back: Kaylee Ofstead 3rd; Isabelle Kaplan 4th; Caroline Winstead 7th

15-18 boys back: Herbert Fauth 3rd

8-and-under girls fly: Olivia Beck 3rd; Joy Smith 7th; Claire Atkins 8th

9-10 girls fly: Eden Pladna 1st; Emma Arconti 7th; Molly Wiggins 8th

9-10 boys fly: Joshua Needham 3rd; Carter Wilson 4th; Owen Brady 7th


11-12 girls fly: Charlotte Atkins 1st; Julia Goodman 10th

13-14 girls fly: Ellie Dillenbeck 5th; Emily Beck 7th

13-14 boys fly: Jack Wiggins 1st

15-18 girls fly: Kaylee Ofstead 1st; Caroline Winstead 5th; Veronica Lazzelle 7th

15-18 boys fly: Lucas Vandewinckel 3rd

8-and-under girls breast: Olivia Beck 3rd


9-10 girls breast: Braelynn Wilson 1st

9-10 boys breast: Carter Wilson 1st; Elliott Atkins 7th

11-12 girls breast: Charlotte Brady 3rd; Annie Arconti 7th

13-14 girls breast: Emily Beck 6th; Anna Winstead 10th

15-18 girls breast: Olivia Vandewinckel 1st; Isabelle Kaplan 5th; Caroline Winstead 7th

15-18 boys breast: Lucas Vandewinckel 2nd; Herbert Fauth 5th


9-10 girls 200 free relay: 1st, Eden Pladna, Molly Wiggins, Emma Arconti, Braelynn Wilson

9-10 boys 200 free relay: 1st, Carter Wilson Django Bonilla, Elliott Atkins, Joshua Needham

11-12 girls 200 free relay: 3rd, Charlotte Brady, Annie Arconti, Julia Godman, Charlotte Atkins

13-14 girls 200 free relay: 2nd, Emily Beck, Anna Winstead, Hannah Strom, Ellie Dillenbeck

15-18 mixed 200 free relay: 2nd, Olivia Vandewinckel, Kaylee Ofstead, Herbert Fauth, Lucas Vandewinckel

Wynnewood's Sandy Epp won two races at the divisional championship meet.


11-12 girls IM: Elizabeth VonWachter 7th


11-12 boys IM: Jacob Roth 3rd; Ethan Bruce 6th

13-14 girls IM: Emily Buras 6th

13-14 boys IM: Adrian Scott 5th; Kevin Taylor 6th

15-18 girls IM: Karsen Smith 2nd

15-18 boys IM: Cole Smith 4th: Jack Athas 5th

6-and-under girls 25 free: Allison Fusco 3rd; Amelia McCulloch 8th


6-and-under boys: Remy Vacelet 2nd; Alton Kent 4th; Thad Brown 7th

8-and-under girls: Kaley Colabella 3rd; Josephine Vacelet 7th (tie); Vivienne Culotta 7th (tie)

8-and-under boys: Jericho Lewis 5th; Davis Brown 6th; Liam Lutz 7th

9-10 girls free: Kaitlyn Bowman 2nd; Bianca Culotta 10th

9-10 boys free: Lincoln Sisk 7th

11-12 girls free: Maddie Boccelli 4th


11-12 boys free: Austin Bowman 1st; Reed Strong 6th

13-14 girls free: Sandy Epp 1st

13-14 boys free: Brooks McKinley 2nd; Cody Krach 4th

15-18 girls free: Ava Sammons 3rd

15-18 boys free: Sean Brocchart 4th

6-and-under girls 25 back: Amelia McCulloch 7th; Allison Fusco 10th


6-and-under boys back: Alton Kent 3rd; Thad Brown 8th

8-and-under girls 25 back: Kaley Colabella 5th

8-and-under boys: Luke Hoskin 1st; Jericho Lewis 7th

9-10 girls back: Kaitlyn Bowman 3rd; Genny Littrell 9th

9-10 boys back: Sam Rollins 9th

11-12 girls back: Rileigh Sikorski 8th


11-12 boys back: Austin Bowman 3rd

13-14 girls back: Molly Broschart 2nd

13-14 boys back: Jonas Dedow 2nd

15-18 boys back: Jack Athas 1st

8-and-under girls fly: Callie Steele 5th

8-and-under boys fly: Landon Bowman 3rd; Davis Brown 4th; Caleb Strong 9th


9-10 girls fly: Olivia Colabella 2nd; Genny Littrell 5th

11-12 girls fly: Maddie Boccelli 6th; Mikayla Sisk 7th

11-12 boys fly: Reed Strong 3rd;

13-14 girls fly: Sandy Epp 1st; Molly Broschart 3rd

13-14 boys fly: Cody Krach 3rd; Adrian Scott 5th

15-18 girls fly: Olivia Preuett 1st; Brittany Ashby 3rd


15-18 boys fly: Noah VonWachter 3rd; Sean Broschart 5th

8-and-under girls breast: Callie Steele 5th; EmilyRose Delgado 7th

8-and-under boys breast: Cooper Kleffman 5th; Landon Bowman 7th

9-10 girls breast: Olivia Colabella 3rd

9-10 boys breast: Lincoln Sisk 4th; Luke Broschart 10th

11-12 girls breast: Elizabeth VonWachter 8th


11-12 boys breast: Jocob Roth 2nd; Ethan Bruce 5th

13-14 girls breast: Addy Harrigan 4th; Emily Buras 8th

13-14 boys breast: Brooks McKinley 3rd; Jonas Dedow 4th; Kevin Taylor 5th

15-18 girls breast: Karsen Smith 2nd; Olivia Preuett 4th; Brittany Ashby 5th; Maddie Athas 6th

15-18 boys breast: Cole Smith 3rd; Jack Athas 4th

6-and-under 100 mixed free relay: 2nd, Alton Kent, Bennett Speares, Mishi Prodanova, Jackson Francis


8-and-under 100 mixed free relay: 2nd, Jericho Lewis, Davis Brown, Kaley Colabella, Callie Steele

9-10 girls 200 free relay: 3rd, Kaitlyn Bowman, Genny Littrell, Bianca Culotta, Olivia Colabello

9-10 boys 200 free relay: 3rd, Luke Broschart, Victor Jauquet, Billy Schmidt, Lincoln Sisk

11-12 girls 200 free relay: 2nd, Maddie Boccelli, Mikayla Sisk, Rileigh Sikorski, Elizabeth Von Wachter

11-12 boys 200 free relay: 2nd, Jacob Roth, Reed Strong, Austin Bowman, Ethan Bruce

13-14 girls 200 free relay: 2nd, Molly Broschart, Addy Harrigan, Emily Buras, Sandy Epp


13-14 boys 200 free relay: 2nd, Cody Krach, Adrian Scott, Jonas Dedow, Brooks McKinley

15-18 mixed 200 free relay: 2nd, Noah VonWachter, Olivia Preuett, Karsen Smith, Sean Broschart

Hunting Hills

9-10 girls 100 IM: Anna Leung 9th

9-10 boys 100 IM: Jace Hebron 2nd; Jason Mwangi 6th

11-12 girls IM: Isabella Decker 1st; Amelia Miller 4th; Julia Ptaszek

11-12 boys IM: Isaac Lipsey 4th


13-14 girls IM: Sadie Leese 4th; Edith Jefferson 5th

13-14 boys IM: Serge Witenstein 3rd; Salvatore Doede 4th; Vaughn McDonald 9th

15-18 girls IM: Story Witenstein 5th; Morgan Winkfield 6th

15-18 boys IM: Vladamir Gapeev 3rd; August Doede 5th

6-and-under girls 25 free: Vivienne French 3rd

6-and-under boys: Will Coe 4th


8-and-under girls: Brielle Mwangi 7th; Harper Rinehart 10th

8-and-under boys: King Jackson 1st; Xavier Griffin-Cummings 2nd; Tylor Gibson 7th; Alexander Griffin 8th

9-10 girls free: Alora Bridges 3rd; Hannah Johnson 4th; Anna Leung 9th

9-10 boys free: Jace Hebron 1st; Maximum Bridges 5th; Jacksson Matthews 6th; Hugh McIver 8th

11-12 girls free: Amelia Decker 1st; Amelia Miller 3rd; Julia Ptaszek 10th

11-12 boys free: Michael Gapeev 3rd; Eduardo Cabrera 8th


13-14 girls free: Autumn Larson 9th

13-14 boys free: Salvatore Doede 3rd; Victor McDonald 8th

15-18 girls free: Morgan Winkfield 8th

15-18 boys free: Wesley Straffin 4th; August Doede 6th

6-and-under girls 25 back: Vivienne French 3rd

6-and-under boys back: Will Coe 2nd


8-and-under girls 25 back: Brielle Mwangi 9th

8-and-under boys: Xavier Griffin-Cummings 3rd; Taylor Gibson 4th; Alexander Griffin 9th

9-10 girls back: Hannah Johnson 3rd; Alora Bridges; Vivienne McDonald 7th; Eleanor Slover 10th

9-10 boys back: Hugh McIver 7th; Maximus Bridges 10th

11-12 girls back: Isabella Decker 1st; Amelia Miller 4th; Julia Ptaaszek 7th; Isabella Winkfield 10th

11-12 boys back: Michael Gapeev 7th; Eduardo Cabrera 9th


13-14 girls back: Sadie Leese 4th; Autumn Larson 8th; Trinity Geoghegan 10th

13-14 boys back: Serge Witenstein 2nd; Victor McDonald 6th; Vaughn McDonald 7th

15-18 girls back: Morgan Winkfield 5th; Story Witenstein 6th; Abigail Bass 8th

15-18 boys back: Vladamir Gapeev 3rd

8-and-under girls 25 fly: Paige Mott 6th

8-and-under boys 25 fly: Xavier Griffin-Cummings 1st; King Jackson 2nd


9-10 girls fly: Hannah Johnson 4th; Vivienne McDonald 9th

9-10 boys fly: Jackson Matthews 4th; Hugh McIver 5th

11-12 girls 50 fly: Amelia Decker 1st; Isabella Decker 3rd

11-12 boys 50 fly: Isaac Lipsey 2nd; Eduardo Cabrera 4th; Michael Gapeev 5th

13-14 girls fly: Edith Jefferson 6th

13-14 boys fly: Serge Witenstein 4th


15-18 girls 50 fly: Story Witenstein 3rd; Abigail Bass 6th

15-18 boys 50 fly: Vladamir Gapeev 2nd; Wesley Straffin 3rd

8-and-under girls breast: Lucinda Busbee 4th

8-and-under boys breast: King Jackson 3rd

9-10 girls breast: Alora Bridges 3rd; Anna Leung 8th

9-10 boys breast: Jace Hebron 2nd; Jackson Matthews 6th; Maximus Bridges 7th


11-12 girls breast: Amelia Decker 2nd; Isabella Winkfield 8th

11-12 boys breast: Isaac Lipsey 4th

13-14 girls breast: Sadie Leese 1st; Edith Jefferson 4th; Trinity Geoghegan 7th

13-14 boys breast: Victor McDonald 3rd; Salvatore Doede 5th; Vaughn McDonald 8th

15-18 girls breast: Abigail Bass 2nd

15-18 boys breast: August Doede 5th; Wesley Strafffin 6th


9-10 girls 200 free relay: 3rd, Alora Bridges, Vivienne McDonald, Anna Leung, Hannah Johnson, Josephine Kelly, Eleanor Slover

9-10 boys 200 free relay: 1st, Jackson Matthews, Maximus Bridges, Aiden Kampe, Jace Hebron, Hugh McIver, Jason Mwangi

11-12 girls 200 free relay: 1st, Isabella Decker, Julia Ptaszek, Amelia Miller, Amelia Decker, Isabella Winkfield

11-12 boys 200 free relay: 1st, Dean Vedeloff, Eduardo Cabrera, Isaac Lipsey, Michael Gapeev, Julian Tsagos

13-14 girls 200 free relay: 2nd, Sadie Leese, Autumn Larson, Edith Jefferson, Trinity Geoghegan

13-14 boys 200 free relay: 1st, Ryyss Straffin, Victory McDonald, Serge Witenstein, Salvatore Doede, Vaughn McDonald


15-18 mixed 200 free relay: 3rd, August Doede, Story Witenstein, Vladamir Gapeev, Mogan Winkfield, Abigail Bass, Wesley Straffin