Rollingwood and Five Oaks host divisional swim championships and produce several winners

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Rollingwood’s Lisen Hart, shown swimming backstroke early in the season, won the butterfly in the 9-10 age group at the divisional championships.

The Central Maryland Swim League wrapped up its divisional championship on July 29 with Rollingwood and Five Oaks each hosting the season-ending event.

Rollingwood’s Jonah Stein, Easton Keelan and Mimi Deoliveira were double winners in individual events and Camden Keelan and Lisen Hart one one race each.


Lauren Fowler, Cooper Snedeker and Asher Vance were double winners for Five Oaks and Vanessa Gray also won a race.

Here’s a look at the swimmers who placed in the top 10 in the Division II championships at Rollingwood and Division VI finals at Five Oaks.

Rollingwood's Mimi Deoliveira nears the finish in the girls 11-12 50-meter backstroke at the Straehle Invitational Meet. She won two events at the season-ending divisional championships.


9-10 girls 100 IM: Lisen Hart 2nd; Sophie York 3rd; Riley Fehr 9th

11-12 girls IM: Aubrey Small 8th

11-12 boys IM: Emmett Schlenker 6th; Kellen Saxton 7th, Benjamin Acker 8th.

13-14 girls IM: Peyton Snyder 9th, Coco Lehane 10th

13-14 boys IM: Mac Lehane 5th

15-18 girls IM: Chloe Lehane 5th; Isabela Bianca 8th

15-18 boys IM: Jonah Stein 1st; Rahul Shahani 4th

6-and-under girls 25 free: Hannah Jacobson 6th; Lucy Marchall 9th: Annelise Gordon 10th


6-and-under boys: Easton Keelan 1st; Williuam Schlenker 2nd; Rory Mile 4th

8-and-under girls: Reese Hopple 4th; Averie Maragni 6th; Kayla Tayman 9th

8-and-under boys: Cooper Tayman 8th

9-10 girls free: Camden Keelan 1st; Leah Temple 3rd; Alexandra Legasse 5th

9-10 boys free: Luca Deoliveira 2nd; Ryan Rodriguez 4th; Patrick Gordon 7th

11-12 girls free: Mimi Deoliveira 1st; Lilly Randell 6th


11-12 boys free: Ben Schlenker 2nd; Hunter Jackson 7th

13-14 girls free: Keela Aldave 3rd; Lacey Pleasant 8th

13-14 boys free: Braden Spinnato 5th; Chase Ramiro 9th

15-18 girls free: Chloe Lehane 7th; Claire Mays 9th

15-18 boys free: Lars Nilsen 3rd; Neil Haggerty 10th

6-and-under girls 25 back: Gianna Gibson 4th; Lucy Marshall 5th


6-and-under boys back: Easton Keeler 1st; William Schlenker 2nd; Rory Mile 10th

8-and-under girls 25 back: Averie Maragni 3rd, Mira Hart 8th; Cecilia Tompsett

8-and-under boys back: Joseph Small 7th; Dean Hayden 10th

9-10 girls back: Leah Temple 3rd; Veronica Barone 9th; Peyton Funsch 9th

9-10 boys back: Caleb Jacobson 7th; Jake Turner 8th; Ryan Rodriguez 9th

11-12 girls back: Faith Sendldorfer 8th; Cecelia Pinson 10th


11-12 boys back: Alfredo Aldave 4th; Ben Schlenker 5th

13-14 girls back: Julia Acker 3rd; Keela Aldave 6th; Lacey Pleasant 9th

13-14 boys back: Aiden Gainey 3rd; Chase Ramiro 8th; Jake Gordan 10th

15-18 girls back: Claire Mays 6th; Annika Mays 10th

15-18 boys back: Rahul Shahani 5th

8-and-under girls fly: Reese Hopple 4th; Mae Reid 6th; Kayla Tayman 7th


9-10 girls fly: Lisen Hart 1st

9-10 boys fly: Luca Deoliveira 2nd; Lorenzo Aldave 5th

11-12 girls fly: Mimi Deoliveira 1st; Aubrey Small 10th

11-12 boys fly Noah Mays 3rd; Alfredo Aldave 4th; Kellen Saxton 8th

13-14 girls fly: Molly Snyder 7th; Lacey Pleasant 9th

15-18 girls fly: Elena Aldave 7th; Isabella Bianco 10th


15-18 boys fly: Lars Nilsen 2nd; Liam Protzman 8th; Neil Haggerty 10th

8-and-under girls breast: Mira Hart 4th, Molly Stone 8th;

8-and-under boys breast: Cooper Tayman 5th

9-10 girls breast: Camden Keelan 2nd: Isabella Rodriguez 3rd; Lisen Hart 4th

9-10 boys breast: Jaxson Stone 7th

11-12 girls breast: Camille Rupp 9th


11-12 boys breast: Noah Mays 2nd; Emmett Schlenker 8th

13-14 girls breast: Julia Acker 3rd; Molly Snyder 5th: Coco Lehane 7th

13-14 boys breast: Braeden Spinnato 6th; Mac Lehane 7th

15-18 girls breast: Claire Mays 3rd; Annika Nilsen 5th

15-18 boys breast: Jonah Stein 1st; Rahul Shahani 4th; Liam Protzman 8th

6-and-under 100 mixed free relay: 1st Hannah Jacobson, Lucy Marshal, Rory Miles, William Schlenker


8-and-under 100 mixed free relay: 3rd Reese Hopple, Averie Maragni, Easton Keelan, Cooper Tayman

9-10 girls 200 free relay: 1st Veronica Barone, Camden Keelan, Alexandra Lagasse Leah Temple

9-10 boys 200 free relay: 3rd Luca Deoliveira, Patrick Gordon, Caleb Jacobson, Ryan Roidriguez

11-12 girls 200 free relay: 3rd Mimi Deoliveira, Cecelia Pinson, Adelaide Heuisler, Lily Randell

11-12 boys 200 free relay: 2nd Alfredo Aldave, Hunter Jackson, Noah Mays, Ben Schlenker

13-14 girls 200 free relay: 2nd Julia Acker, Keela Aldave, Molly Snyder, Peyton Snyder


13-14 boys 200 free relay: 4th Aiden Gainey, Mac Lehane, Chase Ramiro, Braeden Spinnato

15-18 mixed 200 free relay: 4th Chloe Lehane, Annika Nilsen, Lars Nilsen, Jonah Stein

Rollingwood's Jonah Stein competes at the Straehle Invitational. He won two events at the season-ending divisional championships.

Five Oaks

9-10 girls 100 IM: Gabby Baronas 8th; Mia Baronas 9th

9-10 boys 100 IM: Andrew Bonham 7th

11-12 girls IM: Julia McGuinn 5th; Eden Chen 7th; Cloe Goode 10th

11-12 boys IM: Nathan Story 6th; Matthew Bonham 7th; Camden Broadwater 8th


13-14 girls IM: Vanessa Gray 3rd; Veronica Gray 5th; Natalie Totaro 6th; Lily Chen 7th

13-14 boys IM: Joe Szczesniakowski 5th

15-18 girls IM: Ava Chen 6th

15-18 boys IM: Cooper Snedeker 1st; Vance Asher 2nd; Beckett White 5th; Evan Goode 8th

6-and-under girls 25 free: Emmy Baronas 4th;

6-and-under boys: Jack Simon 9th


8-and-under girls: Rose Moreno 4th; Lillian Simon 5th

8-and-under boys: Henry Smith 4th; John Stout 6th

9-10 girls free: Natalie Eiswert 3rd; Cecelia Potee 6th

9-10 boys free: Alden Capano 7th; Cam Capano 10th

11-12 girls free: Lauren Fowler 1st; Julia McGuinn 3rd

11-12 boys free: Matthew Bonham 7th; Nathan Story 8th


13-14 girls free: Abby Simon 3rd; Adeline Frost 5th

13-14 boys free: Joe Szczesniakowski 4th; Benjamin Shumaker 7th, Oliver Korch 8th; Ben Melka 9th

15-18 boys free: Asher Vance 1st; Danny Sentz 3rd; Gareth Schoeffler 10th

6-and-under girls 25 back: Scarlett Moreno 3rd; Emmy Baronas 8th

8-and-under girls 25 back: Rose Moreno 5th; Cat Podowski 7th; Lillian Simon 9th (tie)

8-and-under boys back: Henry Smith 4th; John Stout 8th


9-10 boys back: Alden Capano 4th

11-12 girls back: Lauren Fowler 3rd; Julia McGuinn 4th; Cloe Goode 8th

11-12 boys back: Nathan Story 3rd; Jack Szczesniakowski 8th

13-14 girls back: Vanessa Gray 2nd; Lily Chen 5th; Abby Simon 6th, Natalie Totaro 7th

13-14 boys back: Joe Szczesniakowski 5th; Oliver Korch 6th; Benjami Shoemaker 8th; Andre Richmond 9th

15-18 boys back: Cooper Snedeker 1st; Danny Sentz 4th; Evan Goode 6th


8-and-under girls fly: Lillian Simon 4th; Mila Burwell 6th; Rose Moreno 7th; Ellie Roche 8th

9-10 girls fly: Gabby Baronas 8th

9-10 boys fly: Alden Capano 9th

11-12 girls fly: Diana Simon 5th

11-12 boys fly: Jack Szczesniakowski 4th; Josh Melka 6th; Camden Broadwater 7th

13-14 girls fly: Vanessa Gray 1st; Veronica Gray 3rd; Abby Simon 6th; Adeline Frost 7th


13-14 boys fly: Ben Melka 7th; Callum Schoeffler 9th

15-18 girls fly: Ava Chen 8th

15-18 boys fly: Beckett White 2nd; Danny Sentz 3rd

8-and-under girls breast: Kaylyn Ferrara 6th

8-and-under boys breast: Jack Nash 4th; John Stout 9th

9-10 girls breast: Gabby Baronas 2nd; Madeline Kennedy 4th; Mia Baronas 7th; Maggie Baronas 9th


9-10 boys breast: Gavin Marchica 5th; Cam Capano 10th

11-12 girls breast: Lauren Fowler 1st; Eden Chen 6th; Laila Marchica 7th; Hayley Ferrara 9th

11-12 boys breast: Josh Melka 4th

13-14 girls breast: Natalie Totaro 2nd (tie); Veronica Gray 4th; Lily Chen 5th

13-14 boys breast: Oliver Korch 2nd; Callum Schoeffler 5th; Benjamin Shumaker 6th; Ben Melka 7th

15-18 girls breast: Ava Chen 5th;


15-18 boys breast: Asher Vance 1st; Cooper Snedeker 2nd; Aiden Schoeffler 5th; Beckett White 6th

6-and-under 100 mixed free relay: 2nd Helen Marchica, Sam Aiello, Jack Simon, Emmy Baronas

8-and-under 100 mixed free relay: 3rd Lillian Simon, Henry Smith, Rose Morena, John Stout

9-10 girls 200 free relay: 4th Cecelia Potee, Gabby Baronas, Hannah Story, Natalie Eiswert

9-10 boys 200 free relay: 5th Gavin Marchica, Cam Capano, Charlie Nash, Alden Capano

11-12 girls 200 free relay: 1st Julia McGuinn, Cloe Goode, Eden Chen, Lauren Fowler


11-12 boys 200 free relay: 3rd Nathan Story, Jack Szczesniakowski, Camden Broadwater, Matthew Bonham

13-14 girls 200 free relay: 1st Vienne Yerrick, Annabelle Hosford, Lauren Bradley, Rainn Woodring

13-14 boys 200 free relay: 2nd Oliver Korch, Benjamin Shumaker, Ben Melka, Joe Szczesniakowski

15-18 mixed 200 free relay: 4th Cooper Snedeker, Ava Chen, Belle Simon, Asher Vance