Catonsville, Arbutus area pools make waves at Straehle Invitational

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Rollingwood’s Jonah Stein was the only multiple winner from the Catonsville and Arbutus area pools at the Straehle Invitational swim meet held on July 26.

Stein won the individual medley and backstroke and was second in the breaststroke in the 15-18 boys age group.


His teammate, Mimi Deoliveira, was first in the 11-12 back, second in butterfly and third in freestyle.

The top swimmer for Five Oaks was Lauren Fowler, who was second in the 11-12 girls breaststroke and tied for fifth in the freestyle.


She was also on the 9th-place 200-meter free relay with Cloe Goode, Jocelyn Snedeker and Julia McGinnis.

Jack Wiggins led the way for Woodbridge Valley, finishing fourth in the 13-14 butterfly, fifth in the breaststroke and sixth in the IM.

Wynnewood’s Sandy Epp was third in IM and breaststroke and fourth in backstroke in the 13-14 girls age group.

Here’s a look at the swimmers from Five Oaks, Rollingwood, Woodbridge Valley and Wynnewood who placed in the top 10 at the Straehle Invitational

Rollingwood's Jonah Stein won the 100-meter individual medlley in the boys 15-and-over age group at the Straehle Invitational meet held at Padonia Park Club on July 26.

Five Oaks

11-12 girls free: Lauren Fowler 5th (tie), 30.68

11-12 girls breast: Lauren Fowler 2nd, 39.33

13-14 girls breast: Natalie Totaro 9th, 39.18

11-12 girls 200 free relay: Cloe Goode, Jocelyn Snedeker, Julia McGinnis, Lauren Fowler 9th, 2:18.21

Rollingwood's Mimi Deoliveira nears the finish in the 11-12 girls 50-meter backstroke during the Straehle Invitational meet. She finished first in the event.


15-and-over boys IM: Jonah Stein 1st, 1:02.77

15-and-over boys back: Jonah Stein 1st, 29.28

15-and-over boys breast: Jonah Stein 2nd, 31.40

11-12 girls free: Mimi Deoliveira 3rd, 29.77

11-12 girls back: Mimi Deoliveira 1st, 32.79

11-12 girls fly: Mimi Deoliveira 2nd, 30.75


13-14 girls fly: Noelle Saxton 9th, 32.59

15-and-over boys free: Torun Shahani 10th, 58.09

8-and-under girls back: Averie Maragni 7th, 22.95

9-10 girls 200-meter free relay: Veronica Barone, Camden Keelan, Alexandra Lagasse, Leah Temple 10th, 2:44.93

11-12 boys 200 free relay: Alfie Aldave, Hunter Jackson, Noah Mays, Ben Schlenker 8th, 2:14.02

13-14 girls 200 free relay: Julia Acker, Keela Aldave, Noelle Saxton, Molly Snyder 8th, 2:08.29


13-14 boys 200 free relay: Aiden Gainey, Mac Lehane, Chase Ramiro, Braeden Spinnato 7th, 2:07.70

Wynnewood's Sandy Epp competes in the 13-14 girls 100 individual medley at the Straehle Invitational meet.

Woodbridge Valley

9-10 girls IM: Braeylynn Wilson 7th, 1:31.67

9-10 girls fly: Eden Pladna 9th, 17:67

9-10 girls breast: Braeylynn Wilson 5th, 21:14

13-14 boys IM: Jack Wiggins 6th, 1:06.32

13-14 boys fly: Jack Wiggins 4th, 28.88


13-14 boys breast: Jack Wiggins 5th, 35.17

15-and-over free: Olivia Vandewinckel 5th, 1:02.48

15-and-over breast: Olivia Vandewinckel 5th. 37.58

Woodbridge Valley's Jack Wiggins competes in the 13-14 boys IM during the Straehle Invitational Meet at Padonia Park Club.


13-14 girls IM: Sandy Epp 3rd, 1:11.84

13-14 girls back: Sandy Epp 4th, 33:58

13-14 girls breast: Sandy Epp 3rd, 36.98


15-and-over boys free: Matthew O’Donnell 9th, 57.99

15-and-over boys back: Caleb VonWachter 3rd, 29:53

15-and-over boys breast: Matthew O’Donnell 8th, 33.27

13-14 200 free relay: Cody Krach, Adrian Scott, Kevin Taylor, Brooks McKinley 2nd, 1:55.44

Wynnewood's Matthew O'Donnell finished in the top 10 in two events at the Straehle Invitational swim meet.