Woodlawn holds off host Lansdowne’s comeback on senior night

Lansdowne's De'Ara Washington watches her layup go through as Woodlawn's Imani Standford (10) trails the play. Stanford scored a game-high 21 points in the Warriors' 40-30 win.
Lansdowne's De'Ara Washington watches her layup go through as Woodlawn's Imani Standford (10) trails the play. Stanford scored a game-high 21 points in the Warriors' 40-30 win. (Craig Clary / BSMG)

On a Friday night, when most of the Woodlawn offense struggled to score for the first three quarters, Warrior junior Imani Stanford picked up the slack.

She scored all 21 of her game-high points in the first three quarters, but the Warriors only led 27-23 at that time.


In the fourth quarter, Bria Evans scored 11 of her 13 points and the Warriors (11-6) defeated the Vikings (2-15) on Lansdowne’s senior night.

Seniors Madison Williams (14 points) and De’Ara Washington (seven) led the Vikings.

“I don’t really play that well usually, but I just showed out today,” Stanford said. “They told me I’m a triple threat, but I don’t know how to use it yet, but today I just tried to do everything I know how to do.”

Stanford made four three pointers, including two in the second quarter, when the Warriors built a 20-13 halftime lead.

She added another trey and six points in the third quarter.

“I’m a shooter, that’s what I like to do,” Stanford said.

Her coach, Sherri Anderson, has had to move her around because her squad was fielding a lineup with only six players.

“She (Stanford) is finding her niche, she loves to shoot, she really doesn’t like to be in the post, although she gets a lot of offensive and defensive rebounds, but she doesn’t really like that,” Anderson said. “She wants to learn it, but she is a set shooter.”

Lansdowne started the first quarter with a layup by Washington after the Warriors were late getting off the bench for the start of the fourth quarter.

That made it 27-25, but it was the closest the Vikings would get as Woodlawn went on a 12-0 run to seal the victory.

Evans scored the first field goal and D.J. Smith canned a three-pointer to make it 32-25 with 6:50 left and Evans scored the next seven points to put the game out of reach.

“We are working on putting together a full run, we’ve had many games where we’ve been within two or we’ve been within six and we just couldn’t figure out how to put together that whole game and finish,” Lansdowne coach Brett Sanders said.

The Vikings did show some comeback spunk earlier in the game.

They trailed 20-13 at the half and stayed in the game because of strong defense from Williams, who had two blocked shots and a steal and Washington, who had three blocked shots and three rebounds, in the second quarter.


In the third quarter, they trailed 26-15 with 5:20 left and closed the frame with an 8-1 run.

Williams and Dani Barklow had four points each during the stretch.

Anderson praised Williams for her inside play.

“They like to give and go with her because she is very powerful,” Anderson said. “That’s really how they were beating us and coming back, she is a very good player.”

Sanders also appreciates his senior.

“She (Williams) is a terror down there and this is her first year playing in high school,” he said.

Woodlawn outscored the Vikings 13-7 in the fourth quarter and Stanford attributed it to discipline.

“Teamwork and discipline, a lot of discipline, you got to work on defense and get most of the rebounds,” she said.

Her coach agreed.

“We need discipline,” Anderson said.

Lansdowne coach Sanders is looking forward to getting senior Samiya Esema back from an ankle injury on Feb 18.

“What really hurt was Samiya (Esema) is out with that ankle,” said Sanders, noting she is averaging 10-12 points a game. “That makes a big difference.”