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Catonsville girls basketball scores 66-8 win over Lansdowne

For the second day in a row, the Catonsville girls basketball team won convincingly, while the Lansdowne girls lost by large margins, but both teams got some value after the host Comets defeated the Vikings, 66-8, Saturday afternoon.

The Comets (9-1) forced 18 of Lansdowne’s 45 turnovers in the first quarter, building a 22-2 lead. They extended it to 38-3 at halftime.


Leading scorer Ashley Dickey scored 11 of her game high 15 points in the first half and Marissa Massimini had six of her 11 in the first half. Massimini also had seven steals and Jaelyn Howard finished with six steals.

“Marissa had the best effort out there,” Catonsville coach Mike Mohler said.


Leah Vacin added seven of her 11 points in the first half and she also contributed four steals in the contest.

“We did a lot better today working as a team,” Vacin said.

“I was really happy to see all those assists, especially on the fast-breaks,” Mohler added.

Mohler routinely subbed his four bench players midway through each quarter and all nine players scored.

The Comets defeated Kenwood 63-19 on Friday and Vacin, a junior, felt both big victories helped her squad after two weeks off due to COVID restrictions.

“It helps us teamwork-wise because people mesh together better, so when we do play better competition, we are ready and we are more connected,” said Vacin, who noted the team kept in shape during the break, but missed the chemistry. “We were all doing workouts, so we were still in shape, but we weren’t together playing with each other.”

Mohler made sure his team was prepared before the game, even though the Vikings were winless.

“Everybody deserves the best they can get, so go out and put your best out there,” he said.


Lansdowne coach Rick Armijo saw some positives the day after the Vikings (0-6) lost to Western Tech, 50-13.

“I don’t think they understood the fact that standing around doesn’t do anything because it allows the defense to make plays and they learned a little bit of that today,” Armijo said. “There was a little bit better communication and I would say they didn’t give up. That’s the biggest positive.”

Ja’Bree Bratcher led the Vikings with four points and Dani-Lynn Barklow hit a 3-pointer for Lansdowne.

Lansdowne was playing without a pair of injured guards who were with the team when the Vikings lost to Parkville, 39-35, in their closest loss of the season.

“It was a really good game and then we got hit with some injuries,” Armijo said.

While the Vikings struggle for victories on the varsity level, the JV is 2-2 after a 55-31 loss to Catonsville Saturday morning.


“It’s truly a rebuilding situation,” Armijo said. “Because of the fact we have to put numbers in there, we sacrifice skill level. At our JV level right now, we’ve got all ninth graders. I went and walked the halls at Lansdowne High School and got those kids to come out and play, so that is the future there.”

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The Vikings varsity girls team is on their fifth coach in six years.

“Without consistency you are not going to build any program,” Armijo said. “We’ll get there hopefully.”


Catonsville 66

Ashley Dickey 15, Marissa Massimini 11, Leah Vacin 11, Ellie Altmann 8, Alexis Johnson 7, Taylor Whalen 6, Morgan Belt 4, Jaelyn Howard 2, Emily Bartlet 2.

Lansdowne 8


Ja’Bree Bratcher 4, Dani-Lynn Barklow 3, Kayla Bailey 1.

Halftime: 38-3 Catonsville