Dulaney High seniors reconnect with their alma mater: Pot Spring Elementary in Timonium

Shortly before graduating, Dulaney High seniors visited Pot Spring Elementary, their first school.
Shortly before graduating, Dulaney High seniors visited Pot Spring Elementary, their first school. (Courtesy Photo / Melissa Whatley)

A group of Dulaney High School seniors went back to where it all began when they stopped by Pot Spring Elementary one last time before their high school graduation. Immediately following their rehearsal at Dulaney, the group headed down the street to pose for a photo, visit their old school and catch up with former teachers.

The highlight of the day was being invited inside by Principal Jane Martin for a “Senior Clap Out,” as all the staff and students of Pot Spring Elementary lined the halls to clap and cheer for the soon-to-be graduates.


As Mrs. Martin reminded them, they were Pot Spring Bluebirds first and always would be.

Most of these seniors have attended school together since kindergarten, and the students in attendance, Ava Askandarian, Michael Buscemi, Joe Carroll, Rebecca Custer, David Gibson, Enna Gurung, Rashaun House, Laura Jones, Riley McWilliams, Jonathan Mwangi, Max Parra, Samantha Proctor, Paola Ruiz-Acosta, Sarah Shea, McKenzie Weller, Alex Whatley, Julia Whatley and Kate Whatley, thoroughly enjoyed the tribute and finished the walk back in their kindergarten classrooms.

They also loved to see so many of their former teachers and administrators, including Jan Anecharico, Stephanie Barnes, Susan Brown, Trina Cibor, Carol DePasquale, Michelle Doyle, Laura Fuhrman, Nancy Jarvis, Stacy Aghalarov, Tammie Bortner, Chuck Hester and Stephanie Wiegert, among the rest of the Pot Spring staff. What a lovely way for the Class of 2019 to wrap up senior year and prepare for graduation.

The Quiz Bowl team from Cockeysville Middle School recently claimed the title of BCPS champions! Quiz Bowl is a team trivia competition for middle school students that tests students’ knowledge of current events, pop culture, sports, geography, politics and history. Students earn points depending on the level of difficulty of the question being asked and battle head to head against other BCPS middle school teams.

The basis of the program is the Weekly News Quiz Game, a national publication that provides the questions and rules. Congratulations to Peter Buttarazzi, Nate Fink, Rachel Glen, Praneeth Idamakanti,James McCormick, Nolan Meyers, Will Sadera, Oliver Vogel and Ben Weiner for winning the county championship under the direction of Carrie Hill, a social studies teacher at the school.

The Springlake Swim Club has been the heart of the neighborhood since 1959, and on June 1, current and former members celebrated poolside at a 60th anniversary gala. The swim club was built along with the neighborhood when farmland was converted into residential development.

The community of about 500 houses, which was built on the former Archibald Buchanan estate, took almost 15 years to complete. During the long history of the Springlake Swim Club, countless neighborhood families have participated on the Piranhas Swim Team and enjoyed special events like the annual Fourth of July party, crab feasts and “Noodle Night” — and are now ready to enjoy their 60th summer.