OurBus, a New York City-based company, is launching two new routes from the Baltimore area to New York.
OurBus, a New York City-based company, is launching two new routes from the Baltimore area to New York. (Courtesy Photo / OurBus)

OurBus, a New York City-based tech-and-transportation company, is expanding a bus route in the Baltimore area that will take travelers to New York City for as little as $10 per ticket.

The company is adding stops in Towson and White Marsh to a bus route that currently runs from 8100 Broken Land Parkway in Columbia to New York City. The expanded service begins Saturday, Dec. 15.


The stop in Towson will be at Fairmount Avenue and Towson Gate Drive, and the stop in White Marsh will be at the White Marsh Park & Ride.

Tickets are available daily, but the ride times, which are scheduled in advance, are largely dependent on demand.

“Schedules may either increase or decrease if levels of demand necessitate a change in the service level,” OurBus co-found Axel Hellman said in an email. “Currently, we think the route justifies one bus a day. It's a set schedule, but when we receive requests from the public we listen, and see how we can accommodate them.”

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For example, a search on the OurBus website for Saturday, Dec. 22, shows one trip from Towson to New York, departing at 6:55 a.m. It also shows only one stop from New York back to Towson, departing at 7 p.m.

Trips from White Marsh and Towson are currently scheduled through March 16.

One-way fares that are booked a week ahead from either Towson or White Marsh start at $10, according to the company. One-way tickets from Columbia to New York City are about $25-30, according to cursory checks of the company’s booking website.

OurBus boasts reclining seats, free Wi-Fi, charging ports, complimentary water, a sanitized restroom and no rescheduling fee for its bus rides. Rides from the Baltimore area to New York City take an estimated 3 hours and 45 minutes. Buses arrive at 368 Park Ave. S. in New York and depart from 52 Madison Ave., about a block away.

“OurBus recognizes the need for more convenient transportation options closer to where our Maryland customers live and work,” Hellman said in a written statement. “For example, rather than traveling to downtown Baltimore, we’re offering local Towson residents and university students bus service in their own backyard.”