Lori Edmonds
Lori Edmonds

My introduction to a sushi-type food was a California roll with a spicy "yum yum" mayo. I soon learned that this was Sriracha mayonnaise, which I really liked on this new food venture. I've tried several grocery and restaurant California rolls and they vary greatly in taste and freshness. I've watched how they made them with the clear wrapped bamboo rollers and seaweed sheets. I knew the second I watched this dance of artisan and food that I wasn't going to re-create this with any degree of competency.

The first challenge was the sticky rice. This is not the time to pull out the Minute rice from the pantry. You want either sweet rice, gluttonous rice or what I used, a medium-grain rice. If your store has the specialty rice, that's great. Really, I just got a medium-grain rice and soaked one cup of rice to 1 ½ cups of water overnight. It's that simple. It worked beautifully and I had lovely, sticky rice. Yeah me! If you use the specialty rice, then follow the directions on the bag. I also did a stack system of ingredients in a small cup that I sprayed with oil and inverted for my stack. It took me a couple of tries, but I thought they turned out great. The only missing ingredient is the seaweed wrap, which I didn't mind at all.


Easter season is time to stock up on lamb

Now is the time to stock up on lamb and freeze it for later. It's available everywhere due to the Easter season, and any left after the holiday usually gets


•1 cup short- or medium-grain rice

•1 ½ cups water

•½ tsp. salt

•1 avocado, mashed

•½ cucumber, seeded, sliced thin

•1 pack imitation crab, shredded

•Toasted sesame seed for garnish

•Sriracha mayonnaise to garnish

•Spray oil


The night before, soak the rice with the water and leave overnight. Dump the rice and water with the salt into a medium-size pot and heat until boiling, then reduce heat until it simmers for 10 minutes with a lid in place. Place in a bowl and cover, cool. Spray a small, cup-like container with oil. Start layering with first sticky rice, avocado, imitation crab, cucumber and another layer of rice. Press into the container to have it bond so when you invert, it will stick together. I wet my hands with water to press the rice since, well, it was sticky! I flipped my little condiment cup and it came out great. The first one fell apart because I didn't press the layers tightly together before I flipped. Garnish with sesame seeds and mayo. One is perfect for an appetizer, three for a meal.

Lori Edmonds is a Reisterstown resident and can be reached via email at silkypup@msn.com.