The following fiction and nonfiction titles are available at Baltimore County Public Library as of Oct. 15.

"Darling Days" by iO Tillett Wright


Wright's extremely unconventional life includes being raised by a very Bohemian (and likely very mentally ill) mother in the East Village, homelessness and drug use. She also portrays her nonconforming gender identity (Wright has identified and lived as both male and female) and her current life as an activist in this no-holds-barred memoir. Also available as e-book.

"The Big Book of Jack the Ripper"

This collection of stories features various iterations of the 19th-century serial killer, in tales both new and classic.

"Soup Swap: Comforting Recipes to Make and Share" by Kathy Gunst

Fall is soup season! Come up with new ideas for this delightful staple with one of these 60 plus recipes.

"Our Hearts will Burn us Down" by Anne Valente

First a school shooting devastates a community, then the victim's homes are catching fire one by one. This literary novel is a thought-provoking and lyrical description of community life.

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