Baltimore County school board approves 68 curriculum changes, including 29 new, 17 terminated courses

The county Board of Education has approved 68 curriculum changes for the county’s public schools, including adding 29 new courses, terminating 17 courses and changing the name of 19 courses.

Lisa Mack, an elected board member and chair of the board’s curriculum committee, said the changes were “annual” and had been vetted and reviewed by committee.

The board voted quickly and unanimously to approve the changes. A full list of changes is available on the school system’s BoardDocs website.

Some courses — like residential and interior design and fashion strategies — were terminated because the courses are not related to any particular program within the school system and because the curriculum for those courses has not been updated. Others, like construction management, were terminated because the programs have been replaced.

ESOL American Government was terminated because U.S. government is a Maryland requirement for high school graduation that comes with an accompanying test.

Courses in American Sign Language were added, in part to accommodate students with dyslexia who may have trouble learning written foreign languages, school officials said. The curriculum is being developed in partnership with the Community College of Baltimore County, and students who complete the program would be licensed as sign language interpreters, officials said.

Other courses simply had their names or course levels tweaked to more closely align them with other courses and newer BCPS standards, like a focus on career preparation. At the middle school level, courses focusing on regional world cultures have been replaced with world history to align more with Maryland State Department of Education standards.

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