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New restaurant and retail concept featuring Korean, Chinese and Japanese food coming to Catonsville

A new restaurant and retail concept boasting Korean, Japanese and Chinese fare is coming to Catonsville next month.

Be-Se-To, named for the capital cities of Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo, will be a two-story retail and dining space that includes four Korean-style eateries and boutiques that have specialty Asian goods, including kitchen ware, gift items, home goods, cosmetics and bedding.

Korean-style, explained owner Won Hill, means the food will be prepared in the same way that it would be sold in Korea, rather than Americanized versions of Japanese, Chinese or Korean food.

“Chinese food in Korea is very different from Chinese food in America.” Hill said.

The restaurants will operate cafeteria style with four options: a Korean restaurant, a Korean-style Japanese restaurant, a Korean-style Chinese restaurant and a Korean dessert shop.

The facility will be located at 822 North Rolling Road in the 40 West Shopping Center. Hill said the Korean-style Japanese restaurant could be open by early next week and he expects the business to be fully open by mid-December.

Hill said he wants to try and keep lunch prices in the $8 to $10 range and dinner prices in the $11 to $13 range, though some specials, or meals for more than one person, will likely cost more.

Hill said he’s trying to provide a “pleasant, one-stop-shop experience.” The restaurants will be located in a 6,000-square-foot space on the first floor with retail in a 23,000-square-foot space on the lower level.

Hill said he has also leased some of the retail space to a home mortgage consultant and a real estate firm.

Patricia Palumbo, director of leasing and marketing for Klein Enterprises, the company that manages the 40 West Shopping Center, said in a statement Be-Se-To would add to the existing “multi-cultural shopping and dining experience for patrons in and around Catonsville.”

The shopping center also includes an H Mart, GameStop and Starbucks, among other businesses.

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