Dog rescued from stream in Arbutus returned to owner

Jake, a dog about 9 years old with a thick coat, a “handsome, prominent nose” and pointy ears, was standing waist deep in cold water when he was rescued by the Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department on Monday, said Sandra Bloom, a veterinarian at the Paradise Animal Hospital in Catonsville.

The fire department brought the dog to the animal hospital shortly after rescuing it on Nov. 5. Jake’s owner lives in Baltimore City, about a half-mile from where the dog was found.

Adam Wright, a 15-year veteran of the Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department, was the member of the swift-water rescue team who climbed down into the stream to retrieve Jake.

“[The dog] was scared. He stood right there, I could pick him up,” Wright said in an interview Friday. “As soon as I brought him back to shore, he sat down right next to me and we dried him off.”

Wright said it was his first time rescuing a dog from a stream but that he had been involved in the rescue of a cat from a storm drain at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Bloom said Jake did not have a microchip that allowed him to be easily identified.

The dog was returned to his owner from Baltimore County Animal Services the morning of Nov. 7, said Ellen Kobler, a Baltimore County spokeswoman. The county did not release the name of Jake’s owner. The dog’s owner learned where Jake was through news reports, Kobler said.

Bloom said Jake had some hypothermia, from being in cold water and exposed to the elements, and seemed a bit dehydrated.

“He was certainly not critical, thank heavens; [the fire department] got to him in time. We got him feeling a little better,” Bloom said. “A dog in the river, that’s a new one. He must have fallen in or something, I can’t imagine he wanted to be there. I’m just glad that he found his way back to his home.”

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