The Baltimore County Board of Education meets in Towson on Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019.
The Baltimore County Board of Education meets in Towson on Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019. (Cody Boteler / Baltimore Sun Media Group)

The Baltimore County Public Schools Board of Education on Tuesday approved contracts related to the construction of a replacement building for Chadwick Elementary School, a new roof for Johnnycake Elementary School and a partial roof replacement for Hillcrest Elementary School.

The board approved a package of eight contracts at a total cost of $31.1 million for the construction of a new Chadwick Elementary building. The package of contracts includes awards for masonry, concrete pouring, electrical work, mechanical work, testing and inspection services, and food service equipment.


The vote to approve a total of 29 contracts — including those for Chadwick and for those related to a new school at Berkshire Elementary — was unceremonious and did not draw any board member discussion.

Scenarios to address high school capacity issues presented to Baltimore County Board of Education

The Baltimore County Board of Education on Tuesday night heard a report and recommendations on how the school system could address high school capacity and high school facility condition shortfalls.

Only two of the contracts connected to Chadwick Elementary — those for masonry and food service equipment — were noncompetitive bids. Those contracts were awarded to KaRon Masonry of Maryland Inc. and Ashland Equipment, a division of Singer MD LLC, respectively.

The new Chadwick Elementary is slated to open in 2020 and expand the school’s capacity. The school is about 230 students over capacity, with 642 students enrolled in a building with capacity for 408 students, according to the latest data available from BCPS.

The new building is projected to have a capacity of about 735, though that number can vary based on what different classrooms are used for. A special education classroom has a lower capacity than a standard classroom, for example.

Pradeep Dixit, executive director of facilities management for BCPS, said that, in addition to these eight packages, there are four additional contract packages that are still being processed by the school system. Those package will come up for a vote at a later date, Dixit said.

The board also awarded a $1.8 million contract to replace the roof at Johnnycake Elementary and a $1.75 million contract to do a partial roof replacement at Hillcrest Elementary. Both were awarded to Baltimore-based Cole Roofing Company Inc.