Bent Twig Garden Club celebrates beautification of Catonsville post office

The Bent Twig Garden Club — a group in Catonsville that traces its roots back some 60 years — has since at least 2015 been tending to the post office along Frederick Road, pulling weeds and putting flowers in planters.

But in 2018, moldy windows, rusty signage and perennial weeds got to be too much for members of the Community Service Committee of the club, said co-chair Pat Johnson.

“We wanted it to be a showcase, instead of an eyesore,” Johnson said.

With an assist from then-county executive Don Mohler’s office, the group was able to meet with a liaison from the United States Postal Service and, separately, to apply for a grant from the Plant America Program, a part of the National Garden Clubs organization.

The $646 grant went toward soil, mulch and flowers for the post office, Johnson said. The committee worked with the Catonsville Post Office to coordinate a power washing of the building’s facade, a scrubbing down of mildew-covered windows and the mowing of the property’s lawn.

About a half-dozen volunteers were involved in planting and digging for the flowers and other plants purchased by the committee. Plants now rest around the building’s street sign and on either side of its front door.

Joanne Feustle, the other co-chair of the committee, said they were excited to have the planting and beautification work done before July 4, when a parade will travel down Frederick Road.

The post office would look to be in “shambles” without the volunteer work, she said.

Employees and visitors to the post office will often remark how nice the building looks, now that there are volunteers tending to it, Johnson said. Before, Feustle and Johnson said they both heard from people who thought the post office wasn’t operational, because the lawn would be so overgrown at times.

“It was crying out for some help,” Johnson said. “And now the community has really responded.”

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