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‘We’re just going to build on this foundation’: Virtual educator in Aberdeen excited by new challenge, start of school

As the new school year starts, Eric Mosely was excited to orchestrate an online curriculum at Swan Creek School in Aberdeen following his success teaching virtually last year during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Swan Creek School, offers two blended virtual programs from which students can choose and is available for grades K-12, according to the school’s website.


“When I applied and got the job for this e-learning program at Swan Creek, I said man … we’re just going to build on this foundation that’s already been established from last year.”

Mosley, and the majority of Harford County students, teachers and staff returned to school Wednesday. The only county school disruption was a power loss at C. Milton Wright High School forcing it to close for the day. It opened for its first day on Thursday.

Fifth grade virtiual educator Eric Mosely from the Swan Creek School is geared up, fired up and ready to see all those smiling faces on the screen for the first day of school. Mosely visits his home base school for a few meetings and to check on a few supplies Friday September 3, 2021.

Mosely, who teaches fifth grade, said last year allowed him to see a bigger vision for educating students, which he often referred to as his “scholars.”

“Last year gave me a bigger vision for this year,” he said. “That foundation was established from last year and made me even more optimistic. ... This is the future in a sense.”

That foundation, he said, offered flexibility in terms of technology that can make learning more accessible for different kinds of students, with using resources such as Itslearning — an online resource to support learning in Harford County.

“There’s got to be other kids in this county, in this country, and in this world who this is the model for them … to help them get what they need and to learn the best way they can,” he said.

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Mosely also believes that online learning was a success for him because of his students’ familiarity with his teaching style.

“That allowed us to jump right into the curriculum and jump right back in beyond the curriculum,” he said. “I like to look at education as higher learning beyond the curriculum.”

Mosely said he saw the opportunity of virtual learning after reading positive feedback from his students and their parents.


“I was shocked,” he said. “Most of the them felt comfortable with this virtual model when I’m hearing so many colleagues and people complain about not having any success stories.”

Swan Creek School fifth grade virtiual educator Eric Mosely talks about his excitement to get back to teaching his scholars and leading them on their journey for the 2021-22 school year as visits his home base school Friday September 3, 2021.

Mosely is no stranger to teaching in the Harford County, as he has previously taught at Emmorton Elementary School, Havre de Grace Middle School and Deerfield Elementary School — mainly teaching fifth grade.

Mosely looks forward to educating his scholars for another school year, which he said gives him the “greatest joy” everyday.

“I look forward to waking up knowing that I’m in my purpose … this is what I do … this is who I am … I teach, I put people in position, I show love, I spread smiles and I speak life,” he said.