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Orchard Hill introduces clinical concierge program for skilled nursing facility

After completing its multimillion dollar renovation, Orchard Hill Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center in Towson has introduced a clinical concierge program as they bring in Alexander Rebich, registered nurse, as its new nurse concierge.

“Orchard Hill’s Clinical Concierge Program is one of a kind in the area,” said Marquis’ Nikki Gachot, regional director of market development. “Alex is perfect as the facility’s nurse concierge. His nursing skill set, enthusiasm and passion for patient care and advocacy shine right through.”


The program is designed to facilitate communication between residents, their caregivers, and the facility’s nursing and medical staff. Orchard Hill develops its offerings and programs with Marquis Health Consulting Services, which supports the facility.

“We recognize that having a loved one who may be elderly or ill in the care of others can be stressful,” said Lisa McLaurin, administrator of Orchard Hill Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center “We are always looking for ways to improve communication among our residents, their caregivers, and our skilled nursing facility’s nursing and medical staff. The Clinical Concierge program is a direct response to that.”


The nurse concierge position was developed to manage communications and simplify the information given to residents and their caregivers, McLaurin said.

“The nurse concierge position is really distinctive because it is centered on leveraging clinical knowledge and communication skills to foster peace of mind,” McLaurin said.

As nurse concierge, Rebich will assist in educating residents on their medical conditions and medications. He also connects with residents’ caregivers, answering any questions and provides updates on changing conditions.

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“My focus is on fostering an environment in which residents feel heard and respected, and families feel connected,” Rebich said. “I am here to assist with any questions and communicate with our talented team at Orchard Hill, further enabling us to provide excellence in care. This role is focused on customer service, education for families and just supporting overall morale for our residents.”

Prior to becoming nurse concierge for Orchard Hill, Rebich worked as a floor nurse in a rehabilitation setting. He earned his RN and LPN at Community College of Baltimore County, Dundalk, and also was a student intern at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

“I understand the paramount importance of combining quality care with enhanced communication from a childhood experience when my dear grandmother was very sick,” Rebich said. “I knew at an early age that I would go into health care to help patients and their families, too.”

The clinical concierge has been added following the completion of a multimillion-dollar renovation at the 134-bed skilled nursing facility. In recent years, Orchard Hill enhanced its specialty programming in partnership with leading regional health care providers. The facility offers cardiac care, palliative care, physiatry and chronic kidney disease management programs, as well as pulmonary rehab featuring a full-time respiratory therapist.

Orchard Hill is located at 111 West Road and provides post-hospital care, short term rehab and long-term residential care. Orchard Hill develops its offerings and programs with Marquis Health Consulting Services, which supports the facility.


“The [client concierge program] model was developed by our nursing home consulting partner, Marquis Health Consulting Services,” McLaurin said. “They provided us with the platform, and we worked to customize it for our facility.”