A Reisterstown man accused of shooting a construction worker outside of a neighbor’s house is scheduled to go to trial Tuesday on multiple charges including attempted first-degree murder and committing a hate crime.

Brandon Troy Higgs, 25, of the 300 block of Bryanstone Road, was arrested in December and charged with attempted murder and related counts. He was later indicted on charges of allegedly committing the crimes because of his victims’ color and race, according to court documents.


The two victims, both adult black men, were laying concrete on a neighbor’s driveway Dec. 20 when a dog belonging to Higgs walked through the wet concrete. At that time, Higgs approached the construction workers and told them to “Go back to Africa,” and referred to one of the victims “boy," court documents allege.

Higgs then took his dog inside the house, but returned minutes later, continued to verbally abuse both men and allegedly pushed one of them, according to court documents. The alleged victim pushed Higgs back, documents state.

Higgs went to return to his house and one of the men followed. At that point, Higgs pulled out a gun and allegedly pointed it at the man who had pushed him back.

The three men fought and the two men tried to force Higgs to drop the gun; the gun shot once, hitting one of the men in the leg, court documents said. Eventually, the two men got the gun from Higgs and restrained him until police arrived, court documents said.

Later, during an interview, Higgs told police he had gotten into an argument with the two men and returned to his house to get his gun. Higgs told police he was pushed by one of the men and began to walk away and was then “punched in the back of the head,” and then he drew his gun from inside his jacket, court documents said.

In Higgs’ interview with police, he said the two men tackled him to the ground when he took out his gun and he was then restrained until police arrived; he also acknowledged the gun fired once and someone was shot, according to court documents.

Higgs did not have a concealed carry permit at the time and also faces two handgun charges, according to court records.

James Crawford, an attorney for Higgs, was not immediately available for comment when his office was contacted Monday afternoon.

His criminal trial is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Tuesday in Baltimore County Circuit Court.