Despite not receiving the requisite seven votes required under Baltimore County Board policy, Kathleen Causey will continue to serve as chairwoman of the Baltimore County Board of Education and Julie Henn will continue to serve as vice chairwoman of the board.

Board of Education member Cheryl E. Pasteur, who challenged Causey for the position, received six votes for the chair position. Causey received five.


However, votes on the Baltimore County Board of Education require seven votes to pass, despite the fact that the board is currently one member short, following the death of Roger Hayden.

The inability of the board to reach a majority vote could be a sign that there is a degree of internal division, a sharp departure from last year when Causey was elected unanimously.

Members voted Thursday night, after the board met in closed session for more than an hour. The board was supposed to elect new leadership at its first meeting in December, but failed to do so, prompting the special session.

Citing Maryland common law, board counsel Andy Nussbaum said Causey would remain in the chairperson position, and Henn would remain in the vice chair position.

Causey is “considered a holdover office holder, until such time, as ever, a majority of seven members of the board either vote to re-elect her or elect some other member as chair to the board,” Nussbaum said.

Causey declined a request for an interview after the meeting.

Pasteur after the meeting said her priority will always be quality education for children.

When asked if she would continue seeking the requisite votes to be elected chair, Pasteur demurred.

“We don’t look back, we look forward,” she said.

Pasteur said she will be chairing the board’s curriculum committee in the new year. She also said the children of Baltimore County Public Schools had “no more time" to waste.

“I will be tough to handle,” Pasteur said. “Our children don’t have time for us to play around. ... We have got to take care of all the schools and all the children."

Pasteur added she wants to see excellence in all Baltimore County schools “now.” She said she had faith in Darryl Williams, the recently-appointed superintendent, to lead the school system.

Pasteur said had Hayden not died earlier this year, his vote would have been the seventh she would need to be elected chair.

Henn received five votes, too. Board member Rodney McMillion challenged Henn for the position of vice chair.


Board members John Offerman, Cheryl Pasteur, Omer Reshid, Rodney McMillion, Moalie Jose and Makeda Scott voted for Pasteur and McMillion.

Board members Russell Kuehn, Julie Henn, Kathleen Causey, Lisa Mack and Lily Rowe voted for Causey and Henn.