Couple to open food truck at new Halethorpe MARC train station

Stephanie and Diminick Greco serve coffee and breakfast to passengers at the new MARC train station in Halethorpe on Friday, Aug. 16.
Stephanie and Diminick Greco serve coffee and breakfast to passengers at the new MARC train station in Halethorpe on Friday, Aug. 16. (Staff photo by Brian Krista)

In addition to the new platforms, restrooms and pedestrian walkway, another fresh component will be noticed by commuters using the MARC train station in Halethorpe.

Catonsville natives Stephanie and Dominick Greco will have their own food truck, Get Food Go, at the station beginning Aug. 21 to serve breakfast to commuters from 5 to 8:30 a.m..


"We always thought that would be such a great place for a food truck," said Stephanie Greco, a Catonsville High graduate who attended Community College of Baltimore County and the Maryland Institute College of Art.

The current Arbutus residents have a long history in the food business.


Dominick Greco attended the former Baltimore International Culinary College and the couple owned Apicella's Osteria, an Italian sub shop and grocery store in Baltimore's Little Italy from 2000-2005.

"When we were there, we won Baltimore's Best Italian Hoagie [from Baltimore Magazine] in 2001," Stephanie Greco said. "The following year, we won best brick oven pizza.

"In 2005, we just got tired of the store running us," she said. "It ran our life basically and we decided to take a break working for other people again.

"I went back into retail and Dom went into A&G Management," she said. "Ever since we had moved here [to Arbutus], we have always dreamed of getting back into food."


Growing dissatisfied with their jobs, they decided it was time to pursue their ambitions of returning to the restaurant business.

But this time, they decided, it would be without all of the stress associated with owning an actual brick and mortar establishment.

"If we were going back into a restaurant, we didn't want to work for somebody else, we wanted to own it," Stephanie Greco said. "If we were going to make a huge jump and quit our jobs, I didn't want to have all that stress over my head."

So they bought a food truck — formerly used for snowballs — in January. For a while, they worked on remodeling the truck on the weekends.

After they both quit their jobs about six weeks ago, the duo devoted all of their energy and effort into their food truck project.

"We just said, that's it," said Dominick Greco, an Woodbridge Valley native.

Since then, the Grecos have completely revamped the inside of the truck, been given the go-ahead by the Baltimore County Health Department and partnered with the Dewey Lowman American Legion Post in Arbutus as a place to store and prepare their extra food.

The truck will offer four main meals, named after the three different MARC train lines and an old Baltimore favorite.

The meals include "The Penn," simply two eggs made to order; "The Brunswick," an omelet with a choice of three fillings and a choice of cheese; and "The Camden," an egg sandwich on a baguette. There is also "The Sloppy Boh," a National Bohemian bratwurst with a cheesy egg, sunny side up, and arugula on a baguette roll.

Dominick said the couple plans to get as many of their products from local businesses as possible. They already have partnerships with Zeke's Coffee in Baltimore and Catonsville's The Breadery to provide coffee and baguettes, respectively, for their menu.

As their business takes off, the couple plans to offer bag lunches that can be ordered ahead or purchased at the train station each morning.

Yuwei Zhang will be among the commuters at the Halethorpe station who plan to try the offerings.

She recently moved to Halethorpe from Ellicott City to shorten her journey to her job at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., every day.

She said she would love the ability to get breakfast in Halethorpe.

"Sometimes I'm very hungry, and I have to wait to eat at Union Station," Zhang said last week as she waited at the renovated station. "I would love to have it here.

"It's perfect," she said of the new food truck's pending arrival.

Zhang said she is looking forward to seeing the truck's menu and sampling the different options.

"The more. the better," she said. "I like all varieties of food."

Catonsville resident James Kitchel has been making the daily commute to Washington, D.C., from the Halethorpe station since the summer of 2005.

He said he has seen two other attempts at food vendors in the past eight years and hopes the new truck will provide some new and exciting options for commuters like himself.

"It would be great," Kitchel said as he waited for the train last week. "There's nothing right along [Southwestern Boulevard] here."

He said he is looking forward to visiting the food truck and hopes the menu will be more interesting than Get Food Go's failed predecessors.

"They've got to be able to be fast. The coffee has to be good. And they have to have something more interesting than a shrink-wrapped blueberry muffin," Kitchel said on the components he felt were crucial to a food truck's success with commuters..

"I come from Catonsville and it's always like, do I go through the drive through at McDonald's or to 7-Eleven or what?" Kitchel said. "It would be nice to be able to get here and then know that I can get a cup of coffee."

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