4,600-square-foot mural planned for Catonsville Cube will take community input into account

The wall of "The Catonsville Cube" that will be home to a new mural later in the year.
The wall of "The Catonsville Cube" that will be home to a new mural later in the year. (Cody Boteler / Baltimore Sun Media Group)

A mural that will span more than 4,600-square-feet will go up on “The Catonsville Cube,” a building that sits on the corner of Frederick Road and Mellor Avenue, will be complete by early October — if the weather holds out.

Titled “Forward,” the mural will feature two young bicyclists riding from a city or a town to a forested, “magical” area, according to Carolyn Black-Sotir, who owns the “Cube” building with her husband Michael Sotir.


Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr. will join with community members and the mural’s artist, Baltimore-based Nether, to unveil a rendering of the mural at the last Frederick Road Fridays concert series in Catonsville tonight from 6 to 6:30 p.m.

Funding for the project was sponsored by the Baltimore County Arts Guild and provided with $5,000 from the Maryland State Arts Council and $13,000 from Baltimore County government to pay the artist. Black-Sotir is not getting paid for the painting appearing on the wall of the building she and her husband own.

Black-Sotir said she is a “true believer that the arts make a true difference in the quality of one’s life," and that’s part of why she’s glad to have the mural on the building.

The mural will face east, so it acts as like a “gateway” into Catonsville, she said.

Nether, the artist, said this is his first mural in Baltimore County. He said public has “an incredible ability to bring neighbors together and represent a shared, common, and inspiring future” in a press release.

A notable part of the plan for the mural is that it’s still being designed — the artist and others involved want to get public input on what to include. On one of the bicycles, there will be a basket, but the contents are yet to be determined. The artist and others will be asking people at Frederick Road Friday what items they think should go into the basket to best represent Catonsville.

“It’s supposed to kind of reflect the feel of Catonsville, that kind of charming, eclectic mix of Catonsville,” Black-Sotir said.