Faidley’s Seafood wins liquor license, but owner says plans to purchase Plymouth Wallpaper in Catonsville aren’t finalized

The owners of Faidley’s Seafood were awarded a Baltimore County liquor license Monday, paving the way for the Baltimore restaurant to open a new location in Catonsville, but plans to buy the old Plymouth Wallpaper Co. building are still pending.

“At this juncture, we still haven’t settled on that property,” said Bill Devine, part owner of the family-run business that first opened its doors in 1886.


Faidley’s began eyeing the Frederick Road building about a year ago. A contract and down payment have been accepted by the current building owner, a subsidiary of real estate company Urban Phoenix Properties, but a settlement has not yet been reached.

Urban Phoenix purchased the building, built in 1900, from a trustee in 2017 for $715,000, according to online property records. Devine said he does not know when plans to buy it may be solidified.

“Until that point, it’s not necessary" to discuss it further, Devine said.

A representative with the real estate firm declined to comment on negotiations.

The Baltimore County Liquor Board approved transferring a restaurant liquor license from Premiere Lounge on Winters Lane to serve wine, beer and liquor after they officially purchase the property, said Mike Mohler, chief administrator of the Board of Liquor License Commissioners.

Plans discussed during the meeting for the old Plymouth Wallpaper building, a 1980s Catonsville fixture that has remained vacant since shuttering doors 2017, include serving Faidley’s renowned seafood dishes with restaurant space on the 22,000-square-foot building’s first floor, and renovating the second floor to be used for catering and event space, Mohler said.

The owners also have plans to seek a microbrewery license, Mohler said.

Damye Hahn, whose parents own Faidley’s, previously told The Baltimore Sun that the second floor would be used by Whitehouse Caterers, and that they have no intention of closing up shop at their Lexington Market location.