Swimmers from Wynnewood, Rolllingwood, Woodbridge Valley and Five Oaks shine at Straehle Invitational

In her final meet for the Rollingwood swim team Angelina Aldave was on the fourth-place 15-and-over 200 mixed relay team with Nate Pittroff, Jonah Stein and Chloe Lehane at the Straehle Invitational.

After a two-year hiatus, the Straehle Invitational swim meet returned this summer and several area swimmers shined in the event held at the Padonia Park Club in late July.

Rollingwood swim team’s Nate Pittroff was one of the elite swimmers at the meet, winning the 100-meter individual medley and 100-meter freestyle and finishing second in the 50 breaststroke in the 15-and-over boys age group.


Wynnewood’s Olivia Colabella took first in the 25 freestyle and teammate Isabella Klemm was first in the 15-and-over breaststroke the Warriors.

Wynnewood’s Caleb VonWachter was the champion in the 13-14 boys 50-meter backstroke.


Jack Wiggins, of Five Oaks, was first in the 50-meter butterfly in the 11-12 boys age group.

Here is a look at the swimmers from Wynnewood, Rollingwood, Woodbridge Valley and Five Oaks who finished in the top 15.

Wynnewood Warriors

9-10 girls 100 IM: Elizabeth VonWachter 13th, 1:34.20

11-12 girls 100 IM: Sandy Epp 5th, 1:13.64

13-14 boys 100 IM: Caleb VonWachter 3rd, 1:05.56

15-and-over girls 100 IM: Isabella Klemm 3rd, 1:10.74

8-and-under girls 25 freestyle: Olivia Colabella 1st, 19.06; Kaitlyn Bowman 5th, 18:18

13-14 boys 100 freestyle: Caleb VonWachter 2nd, 56.74


8-and-under girls 25 backstroke: Kaitlyn Bowman 2nd, 21:36

11-12 girls 50 backstroke: Sandy Epp 3rd, 34:31

13-14 boys 50 backstroke: Caleb Von Wachter 1st, 29:05; Jack Athas 4th, 31:52

15-and-over girls 50 backstroke: Isabella Klemm 2nd, 32.18

8-and-under girls 25 butterfly: Kaitlyn Bowman 3rd, 20:87; Olivia Colabella 5th, 21:11

13-14 boys 50 butterfly: Cole Smith 14th, 31:30


11-12 girls 50 breaststroke: Sandy Epp 3rd, 38:47

15-and-over boys breaststroke: Jack Athas 7th, 35:34; Cole Smith 9th, 35.80

15-and-over girls 50 breaststroke: Isabella Klemm 1st, 35:10

15-and-over boys 50 breaststroke: Matthew O’Donnell 8th, 33:31

13-14 girls 200 freestyle relay: Molly Broschart, Ella Sammons, Brittany Ashby, Karsen Smith 15th, 2:16.12

13-14 boys 200 freestyle relay: Jack Athas, Cole Smith, Brooks McKinley, Caleb VonWachter 2nd, 1:51.95


15-and-over 200 freestyle relay: Noah VonWachter, Olivia Preuett, Sean Broschart, Isabella Klemm 6th, 1:52.34

Jonah Stein, shown competing for the Rollingwood swim team in 2015, finished second in the 100-meter IM, third in the 50 breaststroke and fifth in the 50 butterfly in the 15-18 age group at the Straehle Invitational.

Rollingwood Seals

11-12 girls 100 IM: Noelle Saxton 15th 1:22.00

13-14 girls 100 IM: Samantha Randell 14th, 1:15.36

15-and-over boys 100 IM: Nate Pittroff 1st 1:01.80; Jonah Stein 2nd 1:01.88

8-and-under boys 25 freestyle: Ryan Rodriguez 14th, 19:09

15-and-over boys 100 freestyle: Nate Pittroff 1st, 55.28


11-12 girls 50 backstroke: Noelle Saxton 7th, 37:35; Mimi Deoliveira 15th, 38:44

13-14 girls 50 backstroke: Samantha Randell 9th, 34:34

11-12 girls 50 butterfly: Noelle Saxton 8th, 34:61; Mimi Deoliveira 13th, 35:85

13-14 girls 50 butterfly: Samantha Randell 6th, 32:03

15-and-over boys 50 butterfly: Jonah Stein 5th, 27:69

11-12 girls 50 breaststroke: Julia Acker 14th, 42:78


15-and-over boys 50 breaststroke: Nate Pittroff 2nd, 31:01; Jonah Stein 3rd, 31:51; Torun Shahani 14th, 34:49

9-10 200 freestyle relay: Emmett Schlenker, Hunter Jackson, Ben Acker, Luca Deoliveira 7th, 2:36.20

11-12 girls 200 freestyle relay: Julia Acker, Mimi Deliveira, Noelle Saxton, Molly Snyder 4th, 2:11.98

11-12 200 boys freestyle relay: Noah Mays, Alfie Aldave, Ben Schlenker, Mac Lehane 11th, 2:19.84

13-14 girls 200 freestyle relay: Claire Mays, Samantha Randell, Keela Aldave, Annika Nilsen 4th, 2:04.75

13-14 boys 200 freestyle relay: Rahul Shahani, Santiago Bianco, Braeden Spinnato, Aiden Gainey 14th, 2:06.21


15-and-over 200 mixed freestyle relay: Nate Pittroff, Jonah Stein, Angelina Aldave, Chloe Lehane 4th, 1:52.11

Woodbridge Valley Bluefins

11-12 boys 100 IM: Jack Wiggins 3rd, 1:12.97

13-14 girls 100 IM: Olivia Vandewickel 10th, 1:14.06

11-12 boys 50 freestyle: Jack Wiggins 2nd, 28:39

13-14 girls 100 freestyle: Olivia Vandewinckel 9th, 1:04.50

11-12 boys 50 butterfly: Jack Wiggins 1st, 30:95


15-and-over boys 50 butterfly: Nigel Webster 13th, 29:05

8-and-under boys breaststroke: Carter Wilson, 4th, 24:93

9-10 girls 25 breaststroke: Braelyn Wilson 5th, 22:19

13-14 girls 50 breaststroke: Olivia Vandewinckel 4th, 37:47

15-and-over boys 50 breaststroke: Lucas Vandewinckel 7th, 32:62

9-10 girls 200 freestyle relay: Emily Smith, Charlotte Atkins, Charlotte Brady, Braelyn Wilson 8th, 2:43.03


15-and-over 200 mixed freestyle relay: Nigel Webster, Kaylee Ofstead, Abby Gage, Noah Webster 12th, 1:57.39

The Straehle Invitaional was last held at the Carroll Aquatics Swim Club at Four Seasons Sports Complex, show here, in 2019, but this summer it was moved to the Padonia Park Club after not being held the past two years because of COVID concerns.

Five Oaks Barracudas

15-and-over girls 100 freestyle: Zoe Weker 3rd, 1:03.16

9-10 girls 25 backstroke: Cloe Goode 13th, 20:68; Julia McGuinn 14th, 20:87

15-and-over girls 50 backstroke: Zoe Weker 8th, 33.47

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15-and-over girls 50 butterfly: Zoe Weker 4th, 31.20

8-and-under girls breaststroke: Madeleine Potee 1st, 26:06


8-and-under boys breaststroke: Gavin Marchica 9th, 26:85

11-12 girls 50 breaststroke: Lauren Fowler 10th, 42:28

13-14 boys breaststroke: Cooper Snedeker 15th, 37:44

11-12 girls 200 freestyle relay: Lauren Fowler, Veronica Gray, Vanessa Gray, Annabelle Torrens 10th, 2:16.09

13-14 boys 200 freestyle relay: Beckett White, Joe Szczesniakowski, Cooper Snedeker, Andrew Fowler 6th, 1:57.93