Design for Towson U. infringes on neighbors [Letter]

While I applaud Towson University's goal of providing top-notch facilities for all its sports, I do not feel that the proposed design backing up to the houses in Rodgers Forge is the best idea. People in the neighborhood, like myself, chose this neighborhood due to the many characteristics it is known for. The schools are top-notch, the neighborhood is quiet and family friendly, and its off the main path enough the foot and car traffic is minimal compared to many similar neighborhoods. This combined with its historic status has allowed our neighborhood to maintain these characteristics, and why so many of us love it here, and hope to stay for a very long time.

The proposed design would definitely infringe upon the community, cause undue foot and car traffic, subject the residents to extremely loud noises, crowds and obtrusive lighting. I want the university to be able to have great facilities for its students, but not to the detriment of the surrounding community. To diminish the quality for nearby neighborhoods and residents seems an unacceptable casualty of the schools development. There must be an alternative that could be discussed, that would allow the students the facilities the school wants, while not harming the surrounding area. 

I sincerely hope that TU takes these things into strong consideration. We are proud of our community and are simply wanting to maintain the historic quiet nature that our community was built for.

Jeff Krayenvenger

Rodgers Forge 

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