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Outdoor smoking ban in Baltimore County doesn't go far enough [Letter]

It's my understanding that the Baltimore County Council, including Catonsville's own Tom Quirk, passed legislation making it a crime — punishable by a fine of up to $50 — to smoke a cigarette at outdoor playgrounds, tot lots, dog parks, athletic fields, and anywhere within 30 feet of buildings in which Baltimore County sporting events are held.

Why? Mostly to protect the children from possibly inhaling secondhand smoke while in the great outdoors or outside buildings in which they may be playing or watching games.

Council members, however, inexplicably failed to ban breathing by children in those same locations. Surely they know that every time someone exhales, he or she spews out carbon dioxide, which we are constantly being told is the chief cause of global warming/climate change. Therefore, this poses a far greater threat of catastrophic consequences than inhaling secondhand smoke.

Richard Seymour


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