Loan money to doctors, not bars like Greene Turtle [Letter]

In "college town" Towson, even the sports bar needs our tax money to build up and sell more booze ("State board OKs Greene Turtle loan," Aug. 22).

The Green Turtle got a state-approved loan in 1995. Now, it borrows $893,000, $240,000 from Maryland, to add 60 roof seats to 120 enclosed seats. Interesting that the previous day's newspaper reviewed a legislator arrested for drunken driving ("Del. Dwyer charged with driving under the influence," Aug. 21).

Greater Baltimore Medical Center helped me in 1992, guaranteeing to the bank 100 percent of my independent medical practice loan of $50,000. Now, I think new independent primary care doctors could be helped to start with $100,000 approved by the state. Their student loan has increased over mine.

Independent doctors help prevent a higher cost of alcohol-related car crashes, injury and disease. It's all state money. Doctors will pay it back like bar owners. How is it working for Maryland government that it emphasizes alcohol better than health care?

Theodore Houk, M.D.


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