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No secret now: Rodgers Forge earns top neighborhood honors [Rodgers Forge]

The Forge is alive with activity so no wonder it was selected by Baltimore Magazine as one of the top neighborhoods in Baltimore County. Congratulations to Rodgers Forge Community Association President Stu Sirota and the entire community. On behalf of Rodgers Forge, Stu accepted this award from County Executive Kevin Kamenetz this spring.

Rodgers Forge was also named a Best-Kept-Secret, along with two other Baltimore County neighborhoods, Oella and Glyndon. Two awards! It can't get much better than that.


These two honors reflect our community's high marks on Baltimore Magazine's long list of criteria. Each neighborhood was rated on matters related to quality of life such as schools, safety, housing, green space recreation, easy commute, walkability and historical relevance. We have it all — no wonder we won!

Our president is also smiling about the way the social media network for our neighborhood has taken off ---. Seven hundred plus residents, and counting, have tapped into this invaluable link between residents. Don't miss out on this terrific communications tool. You can sign up for this free link by going to and following the prompts.


Safe Routes to School (SRTS) has ignited the interest of Rodgers Forge Girl Scout Troop 252. The troop made numerous signs advertising the SRTS Awareness Campaign: "Twenty (MPH) is Plenty", FULL stop at stop signs and Look both ways for pedestrians and cyclists at intersections. The Scouts, under the leadership of troop leader Lisa Wyckoff and other mothers, heightened awareness among motorists as they stood on sidewalks waving the signs. Motorists waved back!

Dumpster Day was a resounding success! This year, it was joined by Electronics Day. Chair Janine Schofield was ecstatic with the results. All eight containers were used: The Loading Dock, on hand to accept usable building materials, left with a full truck; Am Vets left with a full truck of items in good condition and the full electronic recycling truck departed with 4, 705 pounds of electronic equipment.

Janine was quick to say that its success was due to the dedication and volunteer help from Towson University's football program, especially coach Rob Ambrose, director of football operations Jon Dahiquist (both Forgers) and players Stephen Janik, Erik Schuster, Tungie Coker, DJ Soven and Gavin Class.

She was also extremely grateful to board members Nick Wijtenberg and Dave Crockett, who came early and stayed late; to Virginia Allen, Doug Campbell, Jennifer Helfrich (and her husband, Eric), Jill Fisher and resident Kevin Burns, who brought work gloves for everyone.

Another example of community enthusiasm is the Rodgers Forge Garden Club that has sprouted up in the last few months. Co-founded by Mary Byers and Elaine Pollack, the Garden Club is already well along. Many of you probably know of the Rodgers Forge Farmers Market, held every Saturday morning, 8-10:30 a.m., at 210 Murdock Road. This "bartering only" (no money exchanged) market exchanges fresh foods, plants and seedlings.

Mary and Elaine tell us that Forge Fest is next on the list. Slated, tentatively for Aug. 4, it will consist of a Farmers Market and Crafts Fair at the tot lot. It will be fun for the whole family and more information is at

Stu Sirota and the Rodgers Forge Board of Governors are delighted to welcome Kim Daly as the new Rodgers Forge news editor. Kim made her debut with the stunning July issue. She and her husband are seven year residents of the Forge and have two small children. Kim's experience, working in communications at Princeton and the Johns Hopkins University, has well prepared her for the publication design, editing and writing of the News. Since 2006, she has been a teacher at Roland Park Country School, her true love.

Forgers are still shaken about the July 17 accident at Murdock and Blenheim roads. As I write this column, a meeting is scheduled for July 23 at Rodgers Forge Elementary School. Let us hope that the information presented will appease and calm all residents.


I join my fellow community reporters in sending prayers and sympathy to Carlos Quinones and his family on the death of his wife, Beverly. Beverly was a beloved resident of Guilford and an esteemed colleague of ours at the Messenger, where she wrote the Guilford community column for many years.

Till we meet again —