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Towson University quashes White Student Union [Letter]

In case no one has noticed it yet, two-thirds of Towson University's past and current student body is and remains white. The current and past regime's mantra of "inclusion" and "diversity" is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to disenfranchise the whites.

This includes the recent Title 9 female over male baseball mess that the current TU president botched. TU is fine with all new ideas, just as long as they are theirs. During 1970-72 as an elected Student Government Association senator, I stood behind the effort to form a Black Student Union. The following year, when same wanted to operate illegally and without any auditing oversight of its spending, I opposed that. I recall vividly how the TU administration and the SGA fell all over themselves to create the BSU, but now they do everything possible to deny whites the same right to form a WSU. The reality is an on-going power struggle to disenfranchise all whites everywhere.

Blaine Taylor


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