Letters: Political correctness leads to senseless deaths

The tragedy in Connecticut highlights how the level of political correctness in this country leads to senseless deaths.

This is evidenced in how Nidal Hasan was never relieved of duty even after red flags appeared concerning his behavior. Even after handing out cards with S.O.A., or a "Soldier of Allah," on them and making inappropriate comments which were reported to superiors, he was not disciplined.

Even after contacting a radical cleric in Yemen and asking if soldiers who killed other fellow soldiers should be considered "martyrs." The consequences? Thirteen dead and 29 wounded. Why? He was a Muslim and those in command decided that it would serve the military better to not ask questions or remove him from service.

In other words, it is OK for people to be killed, just do not offend them. How is this relevant to the Connecticut incident? ?

It is relevant in how mental health is accessed and how individuals are treated. After more than 30 years of litigation by the ACLU and other civil liberties, mental health professionals no longer have the ability to commit or institutionalize those who pose a threat to themselves and others, based solely on a professional's recommendations.

These individuals committing atrocities would have been taken off our streets for treatment by professionals who witnessed behavioral patterns that were dangerous.What the mainstream media fails to report is that in Connecticut, a proposed law regarding mental health treatment never received signatures after the ACLU and others lobbied against it, calling it "discriminatory,"

Access to weapons is also relevant here. What is missing in these discussions is the fact that in many cases, violence occurs without the aid of a firearm. There are cases of individuals who have attacked people using swords and other objects. These acts of violence would not be prevented by gun control legislation, but rather by removing the individual from society.

Lastly, I feel the need to address the brief statements by Daniel K. Hays concerning the case in Connecticut. I no longer need to write about the futility of gun control legislation. The 41 deaths in Chicago where gun control is the strictest in the U.S. says it all.

Matthew Mekonis


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