Public hearing set for Dec. 17 on Bike Beltway through Towson

The proposal for a bike route through Towson will be the subject of a public hearing scheduled Monday, Dec. 17, 7 p.m., in the Historic Court House, Room 118, 400 Washington Ave., Towson.

The county's Department of Public Works will on on hand to discuss the proposed route, which has been dubbed the Bike Beltway.

The route is designed to circle central Towson and help provide bicycle access to Towson University, Goucher College, the downtown business district and the government center.

“We have limited road capacity in Towson, and need to focus on different options for people who currently drive throughout the area,” said 5th District County Councilman David Marks in a statement about the hearing.

Marks said he'd be at the hearing as well, and loooks forward to hearing from residents, "about ways we can thoughtfully accommodate bicyclists along with motorists.”

The proposed Bike Beltway has been advocated by the area’s bicycle community and the Maryland Department of Transportation’s Bikeways Program — which officials said is investing $100,000 into the preliminary proposal, based on an application submitted by the Department Public Work.

The public meeting on Dec. 17 will give the community an opportunity to review the route and to offer input.   

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